Preserving Juneau's Bounty Course

Sarah teaches this six-class series through the Juneau School District Community Schools Program. It covers the basics of food preservation, with a focus on foods that are grown and harvested in Southeast Alaska. Class participants receive a binder of information compiled by the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. Some, but not all, of the information in the binder is listed below, including the recipe handouts for each class.

General information:
Course Syllabus

Class 1: The Magic of Friendly Microorganisms - Sauerkraut and Brine Pickling
Class handout: Sauerkraut and Brine Pickling Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4
Food Preservation - Pickles and Relishes
Sauerkraut (FNH-00170)

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Class 2: Ode to Vinegar - Fresh-Pack Pickles & Vinegar Infusions
Food Preservation - Pickles and Relishes
Infusing Vinegars - Online Module   
Food Preservation - Canning Overview (FNH-00562B)
Flavored Vinegars (FNH-00010)

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Class 3: Jewels in Jars - Fruit, Jams & Jellies
Food Preservation - Canning Acidic Foods (FNH-00562C)
Food Preservation - Jams & Jellies (FNH-00562E)
Food Preservation - Canning Overview (FNH-00562B)

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Class 4: Under Pressure - Canning Fish, Meat & Vegetables
Canning the Catch (FNH-00128)
Canning Moose & Caribou (and Venison, FNH-00226)
Food Preservation - Canning Overview
Food Preservation - Canning Low Acid Foods (FNH-00562D)
Using and Caring for your Pressure Canner
Botulism... A Deadly Food Poisoning

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Class 5: Dry It - Fruits, Vegies, Berries, Herbs & Jerky
Food Preservation - Drying Fruits & Vegetables
Making Jerky (FNH-262)

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Class 6: Sausage & Yogurt (Together at Last?)
Making Sausage at Home (FNH-00263)
Making Yogurt at Home (FNH-00062)

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