Food Preservation

Delicious and Safe Home-Preserved Foods

Berries & rosehips, salmon & halibut, venison & grouse, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and apples... there's a bounty of food to grow and harvest in Southeast Alaska. But because each food has it's season, we extend our favorite harvests by using simple and safe food preservation methods, enjoying our local foods year-round.

If you've taken one of Sarah's classes, or are interested in food preservation, you'll find links here to the publications and class handouts she uses.

Preserving Alaska's Bounty

This is a six-class series covering the basics of food preservation, with a focus on foods that are grown and harvested in Southeast Alaska. Class participants receive a binder of information compiled by the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. Some, but not all, of the information in the binder is listed below.

General information:
Pre-Class Checklist
Course Syllabus

Class 1: The Magic of Friendly Microorganisms - Sauerkraut and Brine Pickling
Food Preservation - Pickles and Relishes (FNH-00562F)
Sauerkraut (FNH-00170)

Class 2: Ode to Vinegar - Fresh-Pack Pickles & Vinegar Infusions
Food Preservation - Pickles and Relishes(FNH-00562F)
Infusing Vinegars - Online Module
Food Preservation - Canning Overview (FNH-00562B)
Flavored Vinegars (FNH-00010)

Class 3: Jewels in Jars - Fruit, Jams & Jellies
Food Preservation - Canning Acidic Foods (FNH-00562C)
Food Preservation - Jams & Jellies (FNH-00562E)
Food Preservation - Canning Overview(FNH-00562B)

Class 4: Dry It - Fruits, Vegies, Berries & Herbs
Food Preservation - Drying Fruits & Vegetables (FNH-00562H)

Class 5: The Meat - Sausage & Jerky
Making Sausage at Home (FNH-00263)
Making Jerky (FNH-262)

Class 6: Under Pressure - Canning Fish, Meat & Vegetables
Food Preservation - Canning Overview(FNH-00562B)
Food Preservation - Canning Low Acid Foods (FNH-00562D)
Using and Caring for your Pressure Canner
Botulism... A Deadly Food Poisoning

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