Working Together to Make Changes

Do you have big plans for your community but find yourself unsure of that "next step"?

Consider having the UAF Cooperative Extension Service facilitate a 2 - 3 hour workshop (presentation plus workshop activities) for your community council, neighborhood group or organization.

This workshop is intended to help your group address/identify community issues and potential strategies to address them.  Workshop materials include the CES publication "Working Together to Make Changes". Depending upon the particular issue of concern (developing a community garden, designing programs to engage youth or provide workforce training, etc.), additional publications and faculty specialists may be brought in. 
Estimated cost of workshop materials - $5 per person.
These workshops are presented by Tony Nakazawa, Ph.D., Extension Economist. Dr. Nakazawa has extensive experience working with communities and local groups on topics ranging from fundraising for local projects to community economic development planning.
For further information or to schedule a workshop time, contact Dr. Nakazawa today!
: 786-6323, Cell: 460-0825, E-mail:

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