Community building is a process meant to increase connections and promote a prosocial environment in which people help each other make positive impacts.

Extension offers a wealth of information related to building, maintaining, and assesssing communities and community projects.

There are also Extension workshops that can help you learn more about becoming more active in the community. Visit the Anchorage community development page for more information about the Working Together to Make Changes series and who to contact.


Kathryn Dodge, Fairbanks
Phone: 907-474-6497
Kate Idzorek, Fairbanks
Phone: 907-474-5391
Tony Nakazawa, Anchorage
Phone: 907-279-2712
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Other ways to ask about community issues:
  • Send a question to one of our agents using the Ask an Expert online form
  • Utilize our national partner site, eXtension's "Ask an Expert" widget
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