Aquatic Invasive Species Information

Elodea nuttallii is an emerging issue for aquatic invasive species management in Alaska.  Get more information and find out how to help here.

For additional information on protecting your waters from all aquatic invasive species go here

Photo of Elodea in the Chena Slough courtesy Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District.

Report invasive species locations and get pest identification help

Extension staff and faculty around the state work with partners to identify thebugs, weeds and plant diseases that are affecting your garden, farms or wild plants.  We encourage sightings of priority invasive species and curious observations.  To access this free service simply fill out the online form, including pictures of the pest, here.

For questions about invasive fish, marine life, and animals call the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at 1-877-invasiv (1-877-468-2748)

Get your free pocket weed guide!

Need a pocket field identification booklet for invasive weeds in Alaska to know what that weed is in your yard, garden, farm, or to help land managers document invasive weeds on public lands.  Contact us for a guide here.

You can also download the pocket weed guide online at the Forest Service website.

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