Research Efforts in Alaska

"Producers and researchers harnessing SARE grant funds have found wide-ranging outcomes that can help farmers and ranchers sustain their operations and the environment in which they operate. As part of the contract for receiving SARE funds, project investigators provide progress and final reports on their research efforts. These reports list the contact information, the participants and their cooperators. They summarize project findings and outline objectives, research methods and results."  -from

Access the reports mentioned above by:

* searching the National SARE database
    * searching Western SARE projects available from 2001 to 2004


For a copy of an Alaska Annual Report and/or a grant proposal, contact:

Michele Hébert, Land Resources Agent 
Cooperative Extension Service
Tanana District Office
PO Box 758155
Fairbanks, AK 99775-8155
907-474-6885 FAX

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