10th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference

March 11–13, 2014 at Wedgewood Resort in Fairbanks, AK

Welcome to the 2014 Sustainable Agriculture Conference archive!

The 10th annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference had 178 people in attendance. The three-day conference focused on a variety of topics, icluding two workshops, on plant breeding and record keeping and taxes for agricultural businesses. There were sessions on sustainable practices, emerging markets, starting a farm, meat and fiber production, plant breeding, and Alaska agricultural advocacy, in addition to time for guided networking to plan for informational needs for next year's conference.


Meet Our Keynote Speaker: JAMES R. MYERS

Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University, Corvallis

Myers holds the Baggett-Frazier Endowed Chair of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. He works on a number of crops including dry and snap bean, edible podded pea, broccoli, tomato, winter and summer squash, and sweet corn. Prior to employment at OSU, he worked as a dry bean breeder at University of Idaho.

His main interest has been to improve vegetable varieties for disease resistance and human nutrition while maintaining quality and productivity in improved varieties. Myers is also breeding tomatoes, broccoli and summer squash for organic systems. His latest variety release is the high anthocyanin tomato ‘“Indigo Rose,” a purplish tomato.

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