Materials Information and Cost

Pesticide Training Materials Cost is a flat rate of $75.00 and includes the following:
New National Core Manual, Alaska Manuals, State Regulations, and Category Specific Materials and proctored testing.

Beginning in 2018 there will be new and updated categories provided through the DEC.  This update will still require that you pass the National Core Exam and then test for your category specific materials.  When this information is release in January of 2018 it will be listed here.

For any of the 2018 trainings, participants may register and pay with a credit card on the CES website found here:  

Another option is to purchase materials through the local CES offices by check or cash ONLY.  The cost of attending a training session is $75.00, even if you have previously purchased or downloaded your own training materials.   Applicants, who purchase materials on the CES website, need to pick them up well in advance of training sessions at their local CES District office or arrange to have materials mailed.  We encourage participants who chose to self - study and NOT attend training sessions to purchase and study all materials through the DEC website, which can be found here:

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