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for 2016

EPA Observes National Poison Prevention Week and Urges Public to Store Common Household Products out of Children’s Reach

During National Poison Prevention Week,  March 20-26 , the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is highlighting the importance of properly storing common household products like cleaning supplies and insect repellents. Keeping these products out of children’s reach is one of the easiest things you can do to protect your kids from accidental poisonings.

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In 2014, America’s 56 poison control centers served 323 million people nation-wide. Of their 2.9 million cases, about 2.2 million involved people coming into contact with dangerous or potentially dangerous substances. According to recently published poison center data, in 2014, nearly 140,000 calls to poison centers involved pesticides, including disinfectants. Moreover, the California Poison Control System and the Central California Children’s Hospital identified more than 1,400 cases of accidental poisoning caused by storage of non-food substances in soda bottles, unmarked bottles, cups or glasses.

National Poison Prevention Week is a time to raise awareness about simple steps that can be taken to prevent poisonings. Most poisonings happen in people’s homes and are preventable. 
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The Center for Integrated Pest Management has launched the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship website. This site is designed for anyone who applies, sells, stores or disposes of pesticides. The website complements the work of Extension agents and Pesticide Safety Education Programs. It covers a wide variety of stewardship topics ranging from storage, handling and disposal, drift runoff and has an extensive section for Homeowners.

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