Alaskan Fish and Chips

Haines, Alaska, 1994

The Need

The former sawmill operation on our site has a large inventory of hog fuel from the co-generation facility as well as chips to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner that will provide a profitable return on investment while accomplishing the disposal of these materials as well as utilizing locally generated fish wastes.

Who Initiated Program

We've initiated the program to dispose of these materials but upon finding that any potential profit would be eaten by transportation to the lower 48, have decided to utilize the material here.


The project will consist of a composted potting soil line, both bagged and bulk, utilizing the existing hog fuel and chips and fish wastes from primarily salmon processing facilities, one of which is located on property leased from us.


This project is being designed to provide local employment and profit while disposing of the accumulated hog fuel and chips.


The project is being operated by LUTAK HOLDING LTD.


The hog fuel is a mixture of sawmill wastes, primarily sawdust, bark and reject chips ground to 1" minus approximately. Fish waste...


Currently we have a quantity of material handling equipment such as bins, conveyors and heavy equipment but are looking to bring in outside investment for a windrow turner and bagging machinery.

Results and Impacts

Establishing a composting operation in Haines using the raw materials discussed will provide a needed diversification to the local economy, alternative disposal for wastes currently sent to the local landfill and utilization of seafood byproducts being dumped back into the local waters.


The major spin off to a successful composting operation could be the reopening of a small sawmill on the site. The local state forest is presently under attack by Spruce Bark Beetles and any harvesting and processing of these trees requires that a higher than usual percent of waste material be disposed of in a prudent manner.

Coordinator at time of project, 1994:

Ed Lapeyri
Lutak Holdings LTD
Haines, AK 99827

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