Relationships and Responsibility

Information for those involved with 4-H Projects and Programs

A. Agents:

Extension Youth Development 4-H Agents and other Agents with 4-H Assignments, are faculty of the University of Alaska Fairbanks with responsibility for youth development and the 4-H program in their respective districts.

  • They train
  • Give leadership
  • Coordinate and work with other youth development professionals, volunteers and youth
  • They assist other youth development agencies, organizations and schools in serving the needs of youth

B. Leaders:

  • Members of the community, volunteer leaders are interested in the development of youth.
  • Adults and teens who are interested in becoming Leaders must complete a "4-H VOLUNTEER SERVICE APPLICATION" which will be screened and approved by an Extension agent.

C. Parents:

Parents or Guardians are responsible for helping their children choose appropriate 4-H projects and encouraging them to complete project requirements and participate in 4-H events. Other responsibilities may include:

  • providing leadership
  • chaperoning youth
  • transportation or refreshments for 4-H activities
  • other tasks designated through individual clubs

D. Members:

  • 4-H members learn to work together as a group, make new friends, attend meetings and other 4-H events.
  • They are responsible for choosing a project and seeing it through, step by step, with the help of an adult or teen leader.
  • Members may offered or seek responsibilities as club officers.

E. Districts:

District wide 4-H program policy authority is delegated to Agents in the respective districts by the State 4-H Program Chair and the Director of the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

F. Advisory Councils:

The State 4-H Leaders Advisory Council is a group of individuals concerned with the State Extension 4-H Program.

  • They give advice and recommendations to the State 4-H Program Leader regarding the Extension 4-H Program in Alaska.
  • State 4-H Advisory Council representatives are selected by the districts.
  • Local District 4-H Leader Advisory groups advise and assist District Extension Agents and other 4-H staff.

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