4-H Membership

  • The Alaska 4-H Program is open to all youth beginning with kindergarten through the calendar year of high school graduation.
  • Youth who graduate from high school before their normal year of graduation or drop out of school may participate in 4-H until their normal year of high school graduation.
  • The high school year of graduation, entrance year in 4-H, and divisions within 4-H are based on a child turning 5 years of age prior to August 15th of their kindergarten year as required by the Alaska Department of Education.
  • Members who transfer from another state or country will be accepted and enrolled in the Alaska 4-H Program without paying another membership registration fee for the 4-H year provided they have been enrolled in another state or country for that year. They may participate in 4-H programs and activities when they meet the Alaska 4-H Program deadlines and other requirements.

Cloverbud 4-H

  • Cloverbud 4-H is an introductory program open to youth in grades K through 2.
  • It is generally expected that Cloverbuds will have their own Cloverbud project club, however they may participate in 4-H club projects at the discretion of the local district.
  • They are not eligible to participate in large livestock or horse projects.
  • Cloverbuds are eligible to participate in noncompetitive activities and events (they are excluded from competitive events where judging occurs). They may exhibit their projects and receive participation ribbons only.
  • Cloverbuds pay the regular 4-H membership fee.

Standard 4-H

Standard membership is for youth third grade through high school graduation. Divisions are:

  • Juniors: grades 3-5
  • Intermediates: grades 6-8
  • Seniors: grades 9-12

Determination of Membership

  • Membership is established when enrollment forms have been filed in the Extension office by the club leader and current enrollment fees have been paid or waived.
  • Participation in any given project may be in one district only, with the exception of market livestock projects.
  • Marriage and parenthood: There are no barriers to 4-H membership, provided other requirements are met.
  • Program Year: The 4-H program year begins October 1 and ends September 30.
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