Volunteer leadership training and experience is available through a variety of activities and projects within 4-H. Among these are:

  • new leader training
  • serving as a club officer
  • participating in camps and conferences
  • participating in a 4-H junior leadership project.
  • Adult leaders are encouraged to develop and utilize the leadership potential of their 4-H youth.

The following older youth leadership opportunities are available in addition to the above:

  • Junior Leaders:

    Youth serve as junior leaders under the supervision of one or more adult club leaders and are given responsibilities for some aspects of a club or activity.
    The age requirement is 12 years and older.

  • Teen Leaders:

    Youth serving as teen leaders have responsibility as club leaders and/or are responsible for directing 4-H activities. They work with an adult 4-H mentor who is their supervisor. The age requirement is 14 years and older.

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