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Testimonial from Ashley Epperheimer, Kenai Peninsula 4-H JML

Testimonial from Tatiana Butler, Kenai Peninsula 4-H'er for 8 years

Testimonial from Megan Hansen, UAF Collegiate 4-H

Day & Night

Photo of pencil drawing by Avalon Lackey, 2011 with images that match poem
Photo of pencil drawing by Avalon Lackey, 2011

a poem by Avalon Lackey, Bethel 4-H'er

The sun rose over the hills

as the moon set behind the mountain.

The morning dew dripped from the leaves,

leaving the forest floor damp

allowing the snails to crawl over the ground.

The city awakened

the cars flooded the streets,

cops chased criminals

and men and women went to their daily jobs.

As always, the sun had to set and the moon had to rise.

The night starts again...

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