Your main point of contact is:

Adam Dewey, SNRE Travel Coordinator, is out of office June 27 through August 15.

Please contact Deb Gonzalez with any travel-related issues and continue to use the travel e-mail address:

Adam Dewey     Accounts Technician/Travel CES & SNRAS-AFES


Please use our travel e-mail when transmitting travel documents (paper TAs/TERs, backup for TEM documents) is via scan/e-mail:

Responsible for: Travel (Travel Authorization & Travel Expense Report Processing, Ticket & Registration Purchasing, Travel Advances & Reimbursements)

General Guidelines & Travel Procedures

The CES & SNRAS-AFES Business Office follows the UAF established travel regulations for requesting and reimbursing travel. It is the responsibility of the traveler to submit travel authorizations (ATs) and travel expense reports (ERs) within the established timeline. Please contact the travel coordinator at the Business Office if you have any questions concerning these procedures.

SNRE Faculty and Staff Travel Policy 4/1/14

Please note that UA Travel Regulation R05.02.060 has been updated effective May 1st 2013. For travel commencing on or after May 1st 2013 use: R05.02.060

Click here for the 5/30/13 memo regarding travel regulation changes.

Click here for a printable version of the current CES & SNRAS-AFES Business Office Travel Procedures.

CLICK on each header below for detailed information on related procedures.

Travel Authorizations (TA)

Purchasing Travel

While Traveling

Travel Expense Report (TER)

Per Diem, Meal and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)

Travel and Expense Management (TEM) System

Other Travel Issues

Rental Car Information

Enterable Paper TA

Travel Tips & Info

TEM Travel and Expense Management System (click here to expand)


Starting in TEM (please read section above before starting):

  • Your login credentials for TEM Production are the same as your login credentials for UAOnline (use the first six characters of your pin number). The URL for TEM Production is as follows:
  • As a reminder, the proper setup of your profile is critical:
  1. Please verify that your mailing address is correct, especially if you are not set up for direct deposit;
  2. your email address is correct (no typos!) so that you receive all TEM-produced correspondence;
  3. and that the 30-million # (i.e. UA ID) of your first approver is included.
  • Set up Adam Dewey as your first approver in your Profile (type in last name).
  • Set up Deborah Gonzalez and Adam Dewey as your delegate.
  • Keep in mind that Workflow access for approvers is only granted to those individuals who have taken the full TEM training.   Travelers can access TEM at anytime.
  • Only employees have access to TEM. For non-employee use paper TA.

SNRE TEM Brochure 3/19/14

SNRE TEM Checklist for Travelers 3/19/14

TEM Travel Training 3-19-14

Blanket ATs in TEM

  • Report name: Doe, J 7/1/14-6/30/15 FY15 Blanket
  • Description: Somewhere in the description or comments section write that it is a blanket
  • Itinerary: Full scope of blanket travel ( 7/1/14 – 6/30/15 )
  • Per diem: No
  • Estimated Expenses:  expense type is mileage, enter the estimated miles or the amount of money                                                                                     

Blanket ERs in TEM

  • Report name: Only use the dates that are being reported in the expense report. If expense reports are done monthly you would say:  9/1 – 9/30
  • Itinerary: Stays as the full scope of blanket travel ( 7/1/14 – 6/30/15 )
  • Estimated Expenses:  expense type is mileage, edit the expense line and enter the actual miles driven.
  • If it is the final expense report, when submitting if this is the only expense report, click 'Yes' when asked if it is the final expense report. Otherwise click 'no' so another ER can be created later.