Payroll & Recruitment

Human Resources (HR) Policies

Your main points of contact are:

Sabrina Lincoln     HR Technician


Responsible for: Payroll (WTE); Personnel; Job Forms; Keys; Sign-Off for PPA Paperwork for SNRAS; Benefits; Backup for CES Payroll/Personnel Technician; Recruiting

Terri Cothren     HR Technician


Responsible for: Payroll (WTE); Personnel; Job Forms; Keys; Sign-Off for PPA Paperwork for CES; Benefits; Backup for SNRAS Payroll/Personnel Technician; Recruiting

As soon as you know you need to hire someone, please contact your HR Technician for further guidance.

Web Time Entry (WTE- electronic timesheets)

HOW TO ACCESS ELECTRONIC TIMESHEETS: Employees will be accessing the electronic timesheets (WTE) through their UAOnline account. Please make sure that you are able to access UAOnline before the trainings. If you have issues accessing UAOnline, please contact UAF HR at 474-7700. It is very quick and easy to have the password reset.

SNRAS/AFES Staff Appreciation Award launched

SNRAS/AFES Staff Apprecation Award nomination form. This award has been established to recognize employees who bring excellence to the workplace.

Contract Changes

Important information for employees with less than a 12-month contract, including faculty and staff

For faculty and staff contract changes, notification must be sent to the appropriate person three weeks prior to the start of the pay period affected by the contract change.  Otherwise, pay will likely be delayed.

Staff  – Contact your HR Technician to discuss changes and revise your contract when appropriate.

Faculty  – CES contact Melody Hughes 474-5807, SNRAS-AFES contact Marilyn Childress 474-7083 to discuss changes to your on and off contract dates, revising your workload or contract when appropriate. 

Questions regarding funding should be discussed with the CES or SNRAS-AFES Fiscal Officer. 

SNRAS-AFES Graduate Students Fall 2014


If you have Grad Students that you wish to start or continue into the new academic year, beginning work on 8/25/2014 , please fill out the Grad Student Form at the link below


The form needs to be completed by the end of the day August 19th to meet the HR deadlines and to avoid any delay in pay or tuition late fees for your Grad Student.

If you have questions, please contact your HR Technician

Payroll & Holiday Calendar