We serve the Cooperative Extension Service, School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences, and Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station


The CES & SNRAS-AFES Business Office is committed to the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ mission of instruction, research, public service, extension and outreach education by providing support to the faculty, staff and students of the Cooperative Extension Service, the School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station and our community partners.

We are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers by:

  • Ensuring that financial and human resources related transactions are carried out in a timely, consistent and respectable manner;
  • Interpreting and communicating UAF and CES & SNRAS-AFES policies and procedures;
  • Adhering to applicable CES & SNRAS-AFES, university, state and federal policies, procedures, laws and regulations to ensure sound fiscal integrity and responsibility.

Mailing Address:

CES & SNRAS-AFES Business Office
PO Box 757140
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7140

Office Location:

Room 110 Arctic Health Research Building
901 S. Koyukuk Drive
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fax:  907-474-7439


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Michelle Pope, Executive Officer CES & SNRAS-AFES

vacant, CES Fiscal Officer

Jen Peterman, SNRAS-AFES Fiscal Officer

Adam Dewey, Travel CES & SNRAS-AFES

Martin Gibson, Accounts Technician/Purchasing CES & SNRAS-AFES

Debbie Gonzalez, Accounts Technician CES & SNRAS-AFES

Sabrina Lincoln, HR Technician SNRAS-AFES

Terri Cothren, HR Technician CES


Although not physically located within the business office, unit proposal coordinators are listed here.

Michele Pogue, Project/Proposal Coordinator CES
907-474-7166           mjpogue@alaska.edu

Office Location:

Room 225, CES State Office Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fax:  907-474-6971

● ● ● ● ●

Deb Segla, Proposal Coordinator SNRAS-AFES
907-474-5550            dlsegla@alaska.edu

Office Location:

Room 302 O'Neill Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fax:  907-474-6184


Adam Dewey, Travel Tech. Office Hours:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am to 12 pm
  • Tuesday 1 pm to 5 pm
New Direct Pay Reimbursement Procedures/Form: Financial Services has issued new guidelines and procedures for employee reimbursements via direct pay.
2014 Mileage Reimbursement Rate is now 56 cents per mile.
ATTENTION PI/Co-PI and ProCard users: Changes to Procurement Process for Restricted Funds
PI Signature Memo for Restricted Funds_2013_10_24.pdf
Important ProCard Reminder: Each ProCard holder needs to ensure that their monthly statements have been printed, appropriate back up attached, reviewed, signed and forwarded to their Approving Official for signature. If your Approving Official is not in your location, reports/backup should be scanned. All original receipts must be kept in cardholders location. FY14 Monthy Statement Print Calendar

Travel:  Please use this e-mail address for all travel-related documents: uaf-ces-snras-travel@alaska.edu.

SNRAS/AFES Staff Appreciation Award nomination form. This award has been established to recognize employees who bring excellence to the workplace.

Introduction & Overview of Staff, Services, & Website, 7/24/13

CES & SNRAS-AFES Travel Electronic TA Form  Please use our TA only as there are many other electronic TA copies around, and they don't all have the features this one does. Please see the Travel page for more details and further instructions.

CES DISTRICT DEPOSIT FORM: Click for the latest version.

VOICEMAIL (UAF) INSTRUCTIONS, print this handy reference.


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