Administrative Policies & Procedures

Your main points of contact are:

Michelle Pope    Executive Officer SNRE


Responsible for: Business Function Issues/Resolutions; Budget Process & Reviews; Disallowed Payments; Leases; Backup for CES & SNRAS-AFES Fiscal Officers

Jen Peterman    SNRE Fiscal Officer


Responsible for: SNRE Federal & State Budgets; Assist Proposal Coordinator; Account Set-Ups; Account Questions; JVs; Management Reports; Federal & State Fiscal Reports; Backup for SNRE Grant Fiscal Officer & Executive Officer

Nicole Chambers  Grant Fiscal Officer


Responsible for: Grant manager. Backup for SNRE Fiscal Officer & Executive Officer

Acronyms & Glossaries

SNRE Indirect Cost Recovery Policy

Please review the new policy for SNRE Indirect Recovery Policy

CES Ergonomic Equipment Purchase Policy

Please review the new policy for CES Ergonomic Equipment Purchase Policy.

SNRE Faculty and Staff Travel Policy 4/1/14

Please review the new policy for SNRE Faculty and Staff Travel

Cell Phone Policy & Mobile Device Procedures

Cell Phones & Sponsored Programs: Unless a grant has an approved CAS exemption on file which allows for direct charge of administrative costs, the Director of the Office of Grants & Contracts Administration has advised us that cell phone costs cannot be incurred on grants.  Should you have additional questions, please contact Michelle Pope, SNRE Executive Officer.

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Signatures & Signature Authority

Record Retention Policy

Document Preparation & Publications