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Social Work

SWK 103 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Social Work in the Human Services (3+0)s
Introduction to the profession of social work and the human services delivery system. Examines historical development of social work focusing on the knowledge, values, and skills that characterize the social worker. Orientation to the context for social work, including the diversity of human needs, human services, social policy and legislation. Services, programs, and career opportunities within rural and urban Alaska, as well as nationally, are discussed.

SWK 215 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Individual Interviewing (3+0)
(Cross-listed with HST 215)
Introduction to interpersonal communication skills. Focus on gathering client information through the interviewing process. Emphasis on development of one to one interviewing, behavioral observation and documentation. (Prerequisite: SWK 103 or permission of instructor.)

SWK 225 (2 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Case Management (2+0)
(Cross-listed with HMSV 225)
Basic knowledge and skills to develop service plans in human service work and to maintain appropriate case records. Legal and ethical issues in case management considered and discussed. (Prerequisite: PSY 101, SOC 101 or permission of instructor.)

SWK 303 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Indian Child Welfare Act: Origins and Implementation (3+0)
Examination of the social and political conditions affecting the enactment and implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act, including legal interpretations, provisions, amendments, implementations, and applications in Alaska. (Prerequisite: SWK 103.)

SWK 306W (3 Credits) Fall
Social Welfare: Policies and Issues (3+0)
Social policies and how they effect the delivery of social services. Factors influencing development of the current social service system. Analysis of dilemmas which develop in a welfare system attempting to deal with rapid social change. Alternative approaches to the solution of social problems and possible future developments. (Prerequisites: SWK 103, SOC 100X, ECON/PS 100X.)

SWK 320 (3 Credits) Spring
Rural Social Work (3+0)
Preparation for practice in rural areas characterized by the need for multiple delivery systems, unique local customs, and inadequate resources. Emphasis on preparation for practice nationally with unique features of Alaska incorporated at key points. (Prerequisites: SWK 103, SOC 100X.)

SWK 342O (3 Credits) Spring
Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3+0)
Theoretical frameworks for organizing knowledge about personality development and social behavior of individuals. Includes study of the life cycle and processes that shape individual differences. (Prerequisites: BIOL 103X, SOC 100X, SWK 103, PSY 240, SOC 242, ANTH 242, social work major.)

SWK 350W (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Women, Society and Social Welfare (3+0)s
(Cross-listed with WMS 350W)
Examination of theories and research concerning women's issues in the field of social work and in the social welfare system, with particular emphasis on women in poverty and women of color. Contemporary policy issues and strategies of empowerment will be covered. (Prerequisites: SWK 103 or SOC 100X, or permission of instructor.)

SWK 360 (3 Credits) Fall
Child Abuse and Neglect (3+0)
Dynamics, implications and treatments of child abuse and neglect for individuals and families in rural and urban Alaska. (Prerequisite: SWK 103, PSY 240 or permission of instructor.)

SWK 460 (3 Credits) Fall
Social Work Practice I (3+0)
Development of beginning skills in interviewing and helping processes with individuals, families and groups. Application of intervention strategies and techniques made to case materials, primarily in family and child welfare services. Contracting, case management and social brokerage. (Prerequisites: SWK 306W, SWK 320, SWK 342, SOC/PSY 473, which can be taken concurrently with SWK 460, social work major, senior standing, concurrent with SWK 461.)

SWK 461 (6 Credits) Fall
Practicum in Social Work I (0+15)
Individual training and practice in a social service agency. Students complete 200 hours of direct practice in an approved agency under the supervision of a field instructor. Materials fee: $20.00. (Prerequisites: SWK 306W, SWK 320, SWK 342, SOC/PSY 473, which can be taken concurrently with SWK 461, social work major, senior standing, concurrent with SWK 460.)

SWK 463 (3 Credits) Spring
Social Work Practice II (3+0)
Further development of student's knowledge of direct practice with clients and development of beginning skills in community work including social planning. Emphasis on aspects of rural practice such as utilization of community associations and the informal helping network. (Prerequisites: "C" grade or better in SWK 460 and SWK 461, social work major, senior standing, concurrent with SWK 464.)

SWK 464 (6 Credits) Spring
Practicum in Social Work II (0+15)
Continuation of SWK 461; further direct practice experience in an agency. Students complete 200 hours of practice in an approved agency under the supervision of a field instructor. (Prerequisites: "C" grade or better in SWK 460 and SWK 461, social work major, senior standing, concurrent with SWK 463.)

SWK 484 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Seminar in Social Work Practice Areas (3+0)
Covers problem areas in social work. Problem areas vary in different semesters, content announced in class schedule prior to each semester. Course may be repeated for credit when topic varies. (Prerequisites: SWK 103, junior or senior standing or permission of instructor.)

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