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Women's Studies


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Minor only

The minor in women's studies is an interdisciplinary concentration that focuses on the significance of gender in human lives today, in the past and in all cultures.

Undergraduate Program


1. Complete the following:
WMS 201 -- Introduction to Women's Studies (3 credits)
Approved WMS electives (9 credits)
2. Complete 1 of the following social sciences courses:
WMS/HIST 202 -- History of Women in America (3 credits)
WMS/ANTH 303 -- Gender in a Cross-Cultural Perspective* (3 credits)
WMS/ANTH 308W,O -- Language and Gender* (3 credits)
WMS/JUST 335 -- Women, Crime and Justice* (3 credits)
WMS/COMM 351 -- Gender Communication (3 credits)
WMS/PSY 360O -- Psychology of Women Across Cultures (3 credits)
WMS/RD 375 -- Women and Development* (3 credits)
WMS/HIST 424 -- Topics in Women's History (3 credits)
WMS/ED 440 -- Gender and Education (3 credits)
3. Complete 1 of the following humanities courses:
WMS/JPN 331W -- Women's Voices in Japanese Literature* (3 credits)
WMS/ENGL 333 -- Women's Literature (3 credits)
WMS/JB 380O -- Women, Minorities and the Media* (3 credits)
WMS/MUS 410 -- Women in Music History (3 credits)
4. Minimum credits required (18 credits)
* At least one course dealing with gender in a cross-cultural or multicultural context must be completed. Indicates courses which may be used to fulfill this requirement. Courses from other departments with substantial content about gender in a cross- or multicultural context may lso be approved by the Women's Studies program head.

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