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Culinary Arts

College of Rural Alaska
Tanana Valley Campus
(907) 474-5196

Certificate; Degree: A.A.S.

Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 31 credits; for Degree: 67 credits

The Culinary Arts Program prepares students for a career in the expanding field of culinary arts. Graduates can seek employment in food production or in the management of restaurants, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, camps or any facility that requires food service as part of its operation. This department offers both an associate degree and certificate programs.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Culinary Arts -- A.A.S. Degree

  1. Complete the following general university and A.A.S. requirements (all credits must be at the 100-level or above):
    Communication (9 credits):
    ENGL 111X -- Methods of Written Communication (3 credits)
    ENGL 211X -- Intermediate Exposition with Modes of Lit (3 credits)
    ENGL 212* -- Business, Grant and Report Writing (3 credits)
    ENGL 213X -- Intermediate Exposition (3 credits)
    COMM 131X -- Fund. of Oral Commun: Group Context (3 credits)
    COMM 141X -- Fund. of Oral Commun: Public Context (3 credits)
    Mathematics or Natural Science:
    A math or natural science course at the 100 level or above (3 credits)
    Humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural science or Perspective on the Human Condition (3 credits)
  2. Complete the following major degree requirements:
    CAH 105 -- Principles of Food Service (3 credits)
    CAH 140 -- Food Production I (5 credits)
    CAH 141 -- Food Production II (5 credits)
    CAH 145 -- Bakery Production I (5 credits)
    CAH 146 -- Bakery Production II (5 credits)
    CAH 150 -- Food Service Sanitation (1 credit)
    CAH 152 -- Supervisory Skills (2 credits)
    CAH 242 -- Food Production III (5 credits)
    CAH 243 -- Food Production IV (5 credits)
    CAH 247 -- Bakery Production III (5 credits)
    CAH 248 -- Bakery Production IV (5 credits)
    CAH 250 -- Garde Manger (2 credits)
    CAH 253 -- Storeroom Purchasing and Receiving (2 credits)
    CAH 255 -- Food Service Management (2 credits)
    Subtotal (52 credits)
    Degree Total (67 credits)

*ENGL 212 does not fulfill the second half of the written communication requirement for the baccalaureate degree.

Culinary Arts Certificate

Culinary Arts Certificate -- Baking

Culinary Arts Certificate -- Cooking

Major Specialty Electives for Certificate Programs: