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Alaska Native Studies

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Alaska Native Studies (907) 474-7181

Degree: B.A.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 130 Credits

The Alaska Native studies program seeks to provide the student with (1) a keen awareness of the scope, richness, and variety of Alaskan Native cultural heritages, and (2) a series of critical perspectives on the contemporary Native experience in the plural society of North America. The Student's academic program will be interdisciplinary as it is built upon a combination of appropriate courses currently offered in other specialized disciplines and of an integrated set of core courses offered by the Alaska Native studies program.

The Alaska Native studies program is designed to offer a second major or a minor for many bachelor's degree candidates. It seeks students from many fields of specialization who anticipate either direct or indirect professional involvement in Alaskan Native communities specifically and in multicultural settings generally

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Alaska Native Studies -- B.A. Degree

1. Complete general university requirements and B.A. degree requirements.
2. Complete the following program (major) requirements: Credits
Prerequisites (12 Credits):
Select 4 courses from the following group:
ANL 215 -- Eskimo-Aleut Languages (3 credits)
ANL 216 -- Indian Languages of Alaska (3 credits)
ANTH 242 -- Native Cultures of Alaska (3 credits)
HIST 110 -- History of Alaska Natives (3 credits)
PS 263 -- Alaska Native Politics (3 credits)
Core Courses (24 Credits):
A. Complete the following required courses (15 credits):
ANS 310 -- The Alaska Native Lands Settlement (3 credits)
ANS 320 -- Language and Culture: Applications to Alaska (3 credits)
ANS/ENGL 340 -- Contemporary Native American
or ANS/ENGL 349 -- Narrative Art of Alaska Native Peoples (in translation) (3 credits)
ANS 401 -- Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders (3 credits)
ANS/PS 425 -- Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives
or ANS/PS 450 -- Comparative Aboriginal Rights and

Policies (3 credits)
B. Complete 9 credits of the following:
ANS 160 -- Alaska Native Dance (1 credit)
ANS/THR 161 -- Introduction to Alaska Native
Performances (3 credits)
MUS 223 -- Native Alaskan Music (3 credits)
ANS 220 -- Cross Cultural Communication (3 credits)
ANS 250 -- Current Alaska Native Leadership
Perspectives (3 credits)
ANS 251 -- Practicum in Native Cultural Expression 1-3
ANS 300 -- Alaska Native Writers Workshop (3 credits)
ANS/RD 315 -- Tribal People and Development (3 credits)
ANS/PS 325 -- Alaska Native Self Government (3 credits)
ANS 351 -- Practicum in Native Cultural Expression 1-3
ANS 360 -- Advanced Alaska Native Dance (1 credit)
ANS 361 -- Advanced Alaska Native Performance (3 credits)
ANS/ART 365 -- Native Arts of Alaska (3 credits)
ANS 375 -- Native American Religion and Philosophy (3 credits)
SOC 408 -- American Minority Groups (3 credits)
ANS/ED 420 -- Alaska Native Education (3 credits)
ANS 475 -- Alaska Native Social Change (3 credits)

MINOR in Alaska Native Studies

A minor requires a minimum of 15 credits in Alaska Native Studies, including ANS 401 and an additional 3 credits at the 300-400 level. All minor programs must be approved by the Head, Alaska Native studies.

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