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Tape, Walter (Walt), Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus. Princeton University '62, BA; University of Michigan '68, PhD. (1982 - 2004).

Taylor, Roscoe L., Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus. South Dakota State University '48, BS; Iowa State University '51, MS. (1951 - 1988). Deceased.

Thomas, Natalie A., Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Maine '65, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '77, MEd; Boston University '92, PhD. (1970 - 1994).

Thomas, Wayne C., Professor of Economics, Emeritus. California Polytechnic State University '65, BS; University of Nevada '67, MS; Washington State University '71, PhD. (1971 - 1990).

Tiedemann, James B., Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus. University of Wisconsin '45, BS; '49, MS; '55, PhD; P.E. (1965 - 1986). Deceased.

Tilly, Lola C., Professor of Home Economics, Emeritus. University of Illinois '20, AB; University of Illinois '21, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '63, DHum (Hon). (1929 - 1937). Deceased.

Tilsworth, Timothy (Tim), Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Quality Engineering, Emeritus. University of Nebraska '66, BSCE; '67, MSCE; University of Kansas '70, PhD; P.E. (1970 - 1994).

Tremarello, Ann M., Registrar, Emerita. University of Alaska Fairbanks '57, BBA. (1957 - 2002).

Triplehorn, Don M., Professor of Geology, Emeritus. Ohio Wesleyan University '56, BA; Indiana University '57, MA; University of Illinois '61, PhD. (1969 - 1997).

Triplehorn, Julia H., Associate Professor of Library Science, Emerita. Ohio Wesleyan Univeristy '57, BA; University of Illinois '60, MSLS. (1970 - 2009).

Turner, Donald (Don), Professor of Geology, Emeritus. University of California, Berkeley '60, AB; '68, PhD. (1970 - 1988).

Turner, John L., Professor of Education, Emeritus. McMurray College '51, BS; North Texas State University '55, MEd; New Mexico State University '68, EdS. (1966 - 1989). Deceased.

Tyler, Albert V., Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus. University of Pennsylvania '60, BA; University of Toronto '64, MA; '68, PhD. (1991 - 2002). Deceased.

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