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Sager, Kevin--2010--Term Professor (2010), CLA. University of Wisconsin Madison '91, BS; Indiana University '95, MSEd; University of Washington '02, PhD.

Salganek, Elinor Maya--2001--Term Assistant Professor (2007), CLA. Santa Fe Preparatory School '93; University of New Mexico '98, BFA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, MA.

Salvador, Deseree L.--2009--Assistant Professor of Developmental English (2009), CTC. University of California, Davis '88, BA; York University '96, MA.

Sassen, Kenneth--2002--Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2002), GI. New York University '70, BS; '73, MS; University of Wyoming '76, PhD.

Schichnes, Janet C.--1994--Undergraduate Advisor and Practicum Supervisor (2005), CLA. Rutgers University '70, BA; Harvard University '81, EdM.

Schiewer, Silke--2001--Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2006), CEM. Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany '93, MS; McGill University '96, PhD.

Schlutt, E. Frederick--2009--Vice Provost of Outreach and Director (2009), CES. Texas A&M University '76, BS; '79, MS; '87, PhD.

Schmidt, Jennifer I.--2002--Postdoctoral Fellow (2007), IAB. University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, PhD.

Schnabel, William E.--1996--Term Research Assistant Professor (2007), CEM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '00, PhD.

Schulte, Marvin Kenneth--2004--Associate Professor of Neurotoxicology (2004), CNSM. St. John's University '82, BS; University of Minnesota '89, MS; '92, PhD.

Schweitzer, Peter P.--1991--Professor of Anthropology (2002), CLA; Director (2007), EPSCoR. Vienna Institute of Social Anthropology '90, PhD.

Seitz, Andrew Christopher--2006--Assistant Professor of Fisheries (2008), SFOS. Cornell University '97, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '06, PhD.

Semiletov, Igor Petrovich--2001--Term Research Assoc Professor (2011), IARC. Far Eastern State University '77, BS; PP Shirshov Oceanological Institute '87, MS; '95, PhD.

Sfraga, Michael--1982--Vice Chancellor (2012), USA; Associate Dean (2008), SNRAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, BS; '97, PhD; Bowling Green State University '86, MA.

Shakhova, Natalia Yevgenyevna--2004--Research Assistant Professor (2009), IARC. Vladivostok Medical University '82, MS; Russian Academy of Sciences '93, PhD; PP Shirshov Oceanological Institute '10, DSc.

Shallcross, Leslie Ann--2006--Assistant Professor of Extension (2006), CES; Health, Home and Family Development Agent, Anchorage District, CES. Pennsylvania State University '78, BS; '92, MS.

Sheffield, Gay G.--2011--Assistant Professor (2011), SFOS. University of New Hampshire '85, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, MS.

Sheppard, Dani Karole--1999--Associate Professor of Psychology (2004), CLA. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University '88, BS; George Mason University '95, MA; '96, PhD.

Sherman, Todd L.--1986--Professor of Art (1998), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BA; Pratt Institute '85, MFA.

Shipka, Milan Paul--1999--Professor of Animal Sciences (2007), SNRAS/AFES/CES; Associate Director, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, CES. University of Minnesota '83, BS; Iowa State University '91, MS; Utah State University '96, PhD.

Short, Margaret B.--2006--Assistant Professor of Statistics (2006), CNSM. California Institute of Technology '82, BS; University of Minnesota '98, MS; '00, MS; '03, PhD.

Shur, Yuri--2001--Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering (2001), CEM. Moscow State University for Civil Engineering '59, MS; Institute of Foundations and Underground Structure '68, PhD; Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology '88, DSc.

Siekmann, Sabine--2005--Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Foreign Languages (2005), CLA. Idaho State University '97, BA; '99, MA; University of South Florida '04, PhD.

Sikes, Derek S.--2006--Curator of Insects (2006), MUSEUM; Assistant Professor of Entomology (2006), CNSM. University of California, Santa Cruz '92, BA; Montana State University '94, MA; University of Connecticut '03, PhD.

Sikorski, Kathy R.--1990--Instructor of Gwich'in (2002), ANLC/CLA. University of Alaska Anchorage '87, AAS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '00, BA; '08, MEd.

Simmons, Harper L.--1994--Associate Professor (2008), SFOS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, BS; '96, MS; Florida State University '00, PhD.

Simmons, Teisha Marie--1999--Director (2012), IAC/CRCD; Assistant Professor of Rural Human Services (2006), IAC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '00, BA; '03, MA.

Simpson, William Robert--1996--Professor of Chemistry (2008), CNSM. Swarthmore College '88, BA; Stanford University '95, PhD.

Smeenk, Peter Jeffrey--2004--Assistant Professor of Horticulture and Horticulture Extension Specialist (2004), SNRAS/AFES/CES. Michigan State University '82, BS; '03, PhD; Pennsylvania State University '92, MAgr.

Smith, Anthony L.--2008--Assistant Professor of Military Science (2008), CLA. Central Texas College, AA.

Snyder, Darren G.--2008--Assistant Professor of Extension (2008), CES; 4 H Youth Development Agent/Agriculture and Horticulture Agent, Juneau District, CES. University of Hawai'i Hilo '93, BS; University of Alaska Southeast '01, MAT.

Solie, Daniel John--1997--Term Assistant Professor of Science Education (2003), CNSM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '82, BS; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University '91, PhD.

Sonwalkar, Vikas S.--1995--Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2000), INE. Indian Institute of Technology, India '76, BT; University of Rochester '78, MS; '78, MS; Stanford University '86, PhD.

Sorensen, Fred E.--1987--Professor of Extension (2004), CES; Natural Resources and Community Development Agent, Anchorage District (1984), CES. University of California '74, BA; Moss Landing Marine Laboratories '84, MS.

Sorensen, Kathleen Ann--1995--Instructor of Mathematics (2000), CNSM. Macalester College '89, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, MS.

Soria, Juan Andres--2006--Assistant Professor of Wood Chemistry (2007), SNRAS. Ball State University '95, BS; Baylor University '98, MS; University of Idaho '05, PhD.

Spaleta, Jeffrey D.--2007--Postdoctoral Fellow (2007), GI.

Sparks, Howard Charles--1993--Professor (2000), SOM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, BBA; University of Iowa '89, MA; '96, PhD.

Sparrow, Elena B.--1986--Professor of Resources Management (2008), IARC; Education Outreach Director (2006), SNRAS. University of the Philippines '62, BS; Cornell University '66, MS; Colorado State University '73, PhD.

Sparrow, Stephen D.--1981--Associate Dean (2003), SNRAS; Professor of Agronomy (1993), SNRAS/AFES. North Carolina State University '69, BS; Colorado State University '73, MS; University of Minnesota '81, PhD.

Stanley, Sarah Elizabeth--2010--Composition Director (2010), CLA. Creighton University '03, BA; University of Kansas '05, MA; University of Massachusetts, Amherst '10, PhD.

Stephens, Stephen Wayne--1988--Term Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering (1996), CEM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, BS; '96, MEE.

Stewart, Kimberly--1991--Instructor of Spanish (1999), CLA; Instructor of Linguistics, Independent Learning Program (2002), EDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, BA; '94, MEd.

Stockwell, Dean Alan--1998--Research Associate Professor (2008), SFOS. Humboldt State University '72, BS; Texas A&M University '82, MS; University of Rhode Island '87, PhD.

Stortz, Peter John--1989--Professor of Extension (2004), CES; Fisheries and Natural Resources Specialist (1994), CES. University of Wisconsin Stevens Point '76, BS; '78, MS.

Strange, Anthony T.--1991--Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling (2003), SOE. Chapman University '83, BA; '84, BS; University of LaVerne '89; University of Southern California '99, EdD.

Strohmaier, Mahla--1986--Assistant Professor of Academic Programs (2008), CTC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, BA; University of North Texas '88, MS; Purdue University '97, PhD.

Stuefer, Martin--2001--Research Assistant Professor (2002), GI.

Stuefer, Svetlana L.--2003--Research Assistant Professor (2012), INE. Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute '99, MSc; '02, PhD.

Sutton, Trent M.--2006--Professor of Fisheries (2011), SFOS. Michigan State University '91, BSc; Michigan Technological University '93, MSc; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University '97, PhD.

Swarner, Keith M.--1987--Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences (2005), CTC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, BBA.

Szuberla, Curt Albert--1992--Assistant Professor of Physics (2005), CNSM. United States Military Academy '86, BS; '97, PhD.

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