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Illingworth, Marjorie Louise, Associate Professor of Developmental Studies, Emerita. Iowa State University '65, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, MEd. (1990 - 2010).

Illingworth, Ronald D., Professor of English and Developmental Education, Emeritus. Iowa State University '64, BS; University of Nebraska Omaha '80, MA; Appalachian State University '91, EdSpec. (1986 - 2010).

Irving, Laurence, Professor of Zoophysiology, Emeritus. Bowdoin College '16, BA; Harvard University '17, MA; Stanford University '24, PhD; University of Oslo '56, M.D. (Hon); Bowdoin College '59, (Hon); University of Alaska Fairbanks '68, ScD (Hon). (1962 - 1975). Deceased.

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