Basic Student Fees
(per semester unless otherwise indicated)


Athletics Fee

$8/credit to a maximum of $96

Course Fees


Health Insurance
Semester (9 credits or more; may be waived if the student has insurance)

Annual (may be waived if the student has insurance)
fall $424/spring $421
spring/summer $740
summer $319

annual $1,164
Parking Decal
8 credits or fewer
9 or more credits
annual permit

fall $37/spring $39
fall $71/spring $74
Student Health and Counseling Center
Summer semester (6 or more credits)
Student Recreation Center $75
Student Sustainability $20
Technology $5/credit to a maximum of $60
1 - 3 credits
4 or more credits

UA Network
2 percent of tuition

Wood Center Student Life
1 - 8 credits
9 or more credits


All fees are subject to change.

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