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Palter, Morris S--2007--Assistant Professor of Music (2008), CLA. University of Toronto '93, BM; The Royal Conservatory The Hague '99, 1st Phase Artists Diploma; University of California, San Diego '00, MM; '05, DMA.

Pankey, Julieann--2009--Assistant Professor of Psychology (2009), CLA. University of Idaho '93, BA; '94, BS; '95, BA; Northern Arizona University '98, MA; University of Nevada-Reno '08, Ph.D.

Panteleev, Gleb Glebovich--2001--Research Assistant Professor (2004), IARC. Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology '83, BS; '85, MS; PP Shirshov Oceanological Institute '91, PhD.

Parr, Robert G--1998--Term Assistant Professor of Human Services (2004), TVC/CRCD. Mohegan Community College '77, AS; Oklahoma State University '80, BS.

Patil, Shirish Liladhar--1983--Professor of Petroleum Engineering (2004), CEM. University of Poona '81, BE; University of Pittsburgh '83, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, MS; '95, MS; '07, PhD.

Perkins, Robert Allan--1996--Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEM; Coordinator for Engineering Science Management (1999), CEM. Florida Atlantic University '72, BSE; University of Alaska Anchorage '78, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, MS; University of North Carolina '94, PhD. P.E.

Pete, Mary Ciunig--2005--Director, Kuskokwim Campus (2005), KUC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BA; '79, BA; '84, MA; '84, MA.

Peterson, Donald T.--2001--Term Assistant Professor of Education (2003), SOE. University of Minnesota Duluth '70, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, MAT.

Peterson, Rorik Andrew--2000--Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2004), CEM. University of California, San Diego '94, BS; University of Colorado at Boulder '96, MS; '99, PhD.

Petrich, Christian--2006--Research Associate (2009), GI. University of Rostock '00, Diploma; University of Otago, Dunedin (New Zealand) '05, PhD.

Pettit, Erin Christine--2008--Term Research Assistant Professor (2008), ESTES/CNSM. Brown University '94; University of Washington '03, PhD.

Ping, Chien Lu--1982--Professor of Soil Sciences (1993), SNRAS/AFES. Chung Hsin University, Taiwan '65, BSc; Washington State University '72, MS; '76, PhD.

Pinney, Peter P--1985--Vice Chancellor of Rural, Community and Native Education (2004), CRCD; Professor of English (1998), CRCD. University of Hawai'i '80, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, MFA.

Pippenger, Michael K--1991--Associate Professor of Economics (1997), SOM. Ball State University '81, BS; University of Chicago '85, MA; Purdue University '87, MS; '90, PhD.

Pitney, Karen Pat--2008--Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services (2008), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '90, BBA.

Plumb, Veronica Marie--1997--Term Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education (2006), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, AAS; '00, BA; University of Alaska Southeast '05, MEd.

Polasek, Lori Kay--2003--Research Assistant Professor (2003), IMS/SFOS. Texas A&M University '99, BS; '03, PhD.

Polyakov, Igor V.--1995--Research Professor (2003), IARC. Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute '84, MS; Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute '90, PhD; St. Petersburg State University '92, MS; Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute '97, DSc.

Poole, John C.--1999--Vice Chancellor of University Advancement (2004), UADV. University of Massachusetts '75, BS; Pepperdine University '78, MA.

Porter, David O.--1993--Professor (1993), SOM. University of Utah '63, BS; '65, MA; Syracuse University '70, PhD.

Post, William Dean--1999--Assistant Professor of Music (2008), CLA. Michigan State University '90, BMus; Western Washington University '94; Kent State University '07, PhD.

Potter, Ben Austin--1997--Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2006), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, MA; '05, PhD.

Powell, Abby N.--1997--Associate Professor of Wildlife Biology (2000), AKCFWRU/CNSM/IAB; Assistant Leader (2000), AKCFWRU/CNSM/IAB. Cornell University '80, BS; San Diego State University '86, MS; University of Minnesota '92, PhD.

Powers, Catherine Louise--2005--Assistant Professor of Library Science (2005), KUC/CRCD; Librarian, Library. State University of New York at Buffalo '75, BA; '77, MLS.

Prakash, Anupma--2002--Associate Professor of Geophysics (2002), CNSM. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee '96, PhD.

Price, Barbara--2009--Assistant Professor of Human Services (2009), TVC/CRCD. College of Wooster '66, BA; University of Texas '69, MA; Dusquesne University '84 MS; Southern California University for Professional Studies '02, PsyD.

Price, Channon P.--1987--Director, Honors Program, PROV (2008); Associate Professor of Physics (1993), CNSM. California Institute of Technology '76, BS; University of California, Santa Barbara '81, PhD.

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