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Madsen, Eric Christopher--2003--Dean (2004), SOE; Associate Professor of Education (2003), SOE. Kalamazoo College '68, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, MAT; University of Oregon '83, PhD.

Magelky, Thane E--1998--Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology (2008), TVC/CRCD.

Mahoney, Andrew--2010--Research Assistant Professor (2010), GI. University of East Angglia, Norwich '99, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '06, PhD.

Maier, Julie Ann Kitchens--1998--Term Assistant Professor of Math and Science (2005), IAC/CRCD. Midwestern State University '84, BS; '86, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, PhD.

Malcolm, Joanna Claire--2004--Assistant Professor (2008), CEM. Oxford University '99; Heriot Waitt University, UK '00; University of Alaska Fairbanks '08, PhD.

Mamoon, Trina Rubaiya--1998--Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2005), CLA. People's Friendship University, Russia '84, MA; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign '93, MA; '97, PhD.

Mann, Daniel Hamilton--1992--Assistant Professor of Geography (2008), SNRAS/AFES. University of Washington '75, BA; '78, MS; '83, PhD.

Manning, Kenneth--2006--Department Head (2006), CLA; Professor of Military Science (2006), CLA. East Tennessee State University '88, BS; Troy State University '01, MS.

Marchenko, Sergey S--2003--Term Research Associate Professor (2006), GI.

Marlow, Patrick E.--1995--Assistant Professor of Linguistics (2002), ANLC/CLA. University of Wisconsin Madison '89, BA; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign '91, MA; '97, PhD.

Marr, Maurice Wayne--2004--Professor (2004), SOM. Texas Tech University '77, BA; '80, MA; '83, PhD.

Marsik, Tomas--2004--Instructor (2007), CEM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, PhD.

Marx, Bethany--2009--Assistant Professor of Theatre (2009), CLA. University of Evansville '04, BFA; University of Massachusetts-Amherst '07, MFA.

Mason, Charles W.--1990--Department Chair, Journalism (2007), CLA; Professor of Photojournalism (1999), CLA. Washington and Lee University '84, BS; Illinois State University '88, MS.

Mason, Gordon Joe--1990--Associate Professor (2001), NWC/CRCD; Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. University of Notre Dame '74, BA; Iowa State University '89, MA.

Massa, James Richard--1998--Instructor of Mathematics (2000), CDE/CRCD. Wagner College '81, BS; Franklin Pierre College '89; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MS.

Mathis, Jeremy T--2007--Assistant Professor (2007), IMS/SFOS. McNeese State University '03, BS; University of Miami '06, PhD.

Matusevich, Yelena--1998--Associate Professor of French (2002), CLA. Russian State University '89, MA; University of Oklahoma '93, MA; University of Illinois '98, PhD.

Maxwell, David A.--2004--Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2005), CNSM. University of Waterloo, Canada '95, BS; University of British Columbia '97, MSc; University of Washington '04, PhD.

Maxwell, Howard Evan--1990--Instructor of Anthropology, Independent Learning Program (1990), CDE/CRCD. University of Minnesota, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, MA.

May, Jeffrey D.--2009--Assistant Professor of Justice (2009), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '04, BA; '07, MA; University of Montana School of Law '08, JD.

Mayer, Charles Edward--1989--Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1998), CEM. University of Texas at Austin '78, BS; '81, MSE; '83, PhD.

McBeath, Gerald A.--1976--Professor of Political Science (1982), CLA. University of Chicago '63, BA; '64, MA; University of California, Berkeley '70, PhD.

McBeath, Jenifer Huang--1977--Professor of Plant Pathology/Biotechnology (1992), SNRAS/AFES. National Taiwan University, Taipei '68, BS; University of California, Davis '70, MS; Rutgers University '74, PhD.

McCarthy, Paul Joseph--1999--Associate Professor of Geology (2005), CNSM. University of Western Ontario '86, BS; '89, MS; University of Guelph '95, PhD.

McClellan, Janet E--2007--Assistant Professor of Justice (2007), CLA. Park College '76, BA; University of Dayton '78, MPA; Northcentral University '08, PhD.

McConnell, Sarah S.--1993--Assistant Professor of Rural Human Services (2007), IAC/CRCD. University of Kentucky '72, BA; Loyola University Chicago '80, MSW.

McCracken, Kevin G.--2000--Associate Professor of Population Genetics (2006), CNSM. University of Notre Dame '94, BS; Louisiana State University '98, PhD.

McEachern, Diane Marie--2004--Assistant Professor of HUM and Coordinator of KuC Behavioral Health, KUC/CRCD. Southwest Missouri State University '84, BS; Arizona State University '98, MSW.

McGuire, A. David--1995--Professor of Ecology (2003), CNSM. Cornell University '76, BS; '77 M. E.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, MS, '89 PhD.

McInnis, Susan Elizabeth--1982--Instructor of English, Independent Learning Program (2003), CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '76, BA; '99, MFA.

McIntyre, Julie Pilar--1996--Assistant Professor of Statistics (2006), CNSM. Northwestern University '92, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, MS; North Carolina State University '03, PhD.

McKenna Trabant, Tonya Denise--1997--Adjunct Faculty (2005), CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, BA; '04, MA.

McLean, Deborah L.--1993--Director, Bristol Bay Campus (2002), BBC/CRCD. St. Petersburg Jr. College '77, AS; University of South Florida '79, BA; Oklahoma State University '89, MS; Memphis State University '92, EdD; University of Alaska Fairbanks '09, AAS.

McNutt, Stephen R--1991--Research Professor of Volcano Seismology (1991), GI. Wesleyan University '77, BA; Columbia University '82, MA; '84, MPhil; '85, PhD.

Meath, Lawrence William--2005--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (2005), SOE. Oregon State University '71, BA; Northern Arizona University '75, MAT.

Mehner, Da Ka Xeen--2004--Assistant Professor of Native Arts (2009), CLA. Institute of American Indian Art '92, AA; University of New Mexico '03, BFA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, MFA.

Meier, Rose Antonia Zbinden--1997--Coordinator, Ethnobotany Program (2007), IAC/CRCD. Luther College '80, BSc; Northern Illinois University '84, MS; University of Minnesota '92, PhD.

Mellish, Jo Ann Elizabeth--2001--Research Associate Professor of Marine Science (2001), IMS/SFOS. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia '94, BS; '99, PhD.

Mendelowitz, Kade--1992--Associate Professor of Theatre (2001), CLA; Lighting Designer, Technical Director (1992), CLA. State University of New York at New Paltz '88, BFA; Temple University '91, MFA.

Meritt, Patricia Anne--1997--Professor of Early Childhood Education (2006), TVC; Instructor of Early Childhood, Independent Learning Program, TVC/CDE/CRCD. Sacramento City College '71, AA; California State University, Chico '73, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, MAT.

Metz, Paul Anthony--1975--Professor of Geological Engineering (2000), CEM. Michigan Tech University '68, BS; University of Alaska Anchorage '72, MBA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '75, MS; University of London '91, PhD.

Metzger, Andrew Thomas--2007--Assistant Professor (2007), CEM.

Meyer, Franz Josef--2007--Research Assistant Professor (2008), GI. Technical University of Munich, Germany '00, Diploma; '04, PhD.

Meyer, Jennifer A--2007--Term Assistant Professor (2008), CRA.

Misra, Debasmita--2002--Associate Professor of Geological Engineering (2002), CEM. Orissa University, India '84, BS; Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok '86, MS; University of Minnesota '94, PhD.

Mölders, Nicole--2001--Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2006), GI; Department Chair (2005), CNSM. University of Cologne '83, BS; '88, MS; '92, PhD; University of Leipzig '99, Habilitation.

Mollett, David L.--1984--Associate Professor of Drawing (2007), CLA. Reed College '75, BA.

Morotti, Allan A.--1995--Associate Professor of Education and Counseling (2002), SOE. California State University, Hayward '70, BA; University of Oregon '84, MS; '92, PhD.

Morrison, Joy F.--1990--Professor of Mass Communications (2003), CLA; Director, Office of Faculty Development (2004), PROV. New Mexico State University '83, BS; '85, MS; University of Iowa '91, PhD.

Morton, Donald J--1994--Research Professor (2009), ARSC; Visiting Research Scholar (1994), ARSC. College of Great Falls Montana '89, BS; Louisiana State University '94, PhD.

Moses, Debra M.--1982--Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics (2006), TVC/CRCD. Wheeling Jesuit University '74, BS; Fordham University '78, MA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, MS.

Motyka, Roman John--1997--Research Associate Professor (1998), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, PhD.

Mu, Haichuan--2006--Post Doctoral Fellow (2006), OEM. Shanghai University of Science and Technology '90, BS; University of Cincinnati '02, MS; '06, PhD.

Mueter, Franz Josef--2001--Assistant Professor (2008), SFOS. Rhino Westphalian Technical University, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, MS; '98, MS; '99, PhD.

Mulder, Christa P.H.--1991--Associate Professor of Ecology (2006), CNSM. Bates College '88, BA; Queens University '91, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, PhD.

Murray, Maribeth S.--1998--Associate Professor of Anthropology (2004), CLA. Wilfrid Laurier University '89, BA; Memorial University of Newfoundland '92, MA; McMaster University '97, PhD.

Muskett, Reginald Reed--1999--Post Doctoral Fellow (2008), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, PhD.

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