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Jahns, Thomas R--1993--Professor of Extension (2003), CES; Kenai Peninsula District Extension Agent (1997), CES. Hardin Simmons University '73, BBA; California State University, Fresno '83, MS; Oregon State University '90, PhD.

Jarrett, Brian N.--2010--Assistant Professor of Justice (2010), CLA. Simon Fraser University '85, BA; University of British Columbia '88, JD; University of Missouri '01, LLM; University of Hawaii '06, PhD.

Jeffries, Martin Orme--1985--Research Professor of Geophysics (1985), GI. University of Sheffield, England '79, BA; University of Manchester, England '81, MS; University of Calgary, Canada '85, PhD.

Jensen, Karen L.--1996--; Assistant Professor of Library Science (2007), LIB. Grinnell College '86, BA; University of Washington '96, MLS.

Jewett, Stephen Carl--1974--Research Professor of Marine Science (1998), IMS/SFOS. John Brown University, BA; '71, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '77, MS; '97, PhD.

Jin, Meibing--1998--Research Assistant Professor (1998), IARC. Qinghua University '89, BS; First Institute of Oceanography '92, MS.

John, Theresa A.--1986--Assistant Professor, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (2002), CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, BA; '92, MEd.

Johnson, Clara R.--1983--Director, Interior Aleutians Campus (1991), IAC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '69, BA; Portland State University '73, MSW.

Johnson, Don Preston--2002--Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement (2007), TVC/CRCD.

Johnson, Galen R.--2006--Assistant Professor of Construction Management (2007), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BS; '02, MS.

Johnson, Jerome Ben--2008--Term Research Professor (2008), CEM.

Johnson, Kristofer Dee--2008--Post Doctoral Fellow (2008), IAB.

Johnson, Mark A.--1991--Professor of Marine Science (2003), IMS/SFOS. University of Miami '77, BS; Texas A&M University '81, MS; '87, PhD.

Johnson, Terry L.--1991--Professor of Fisheries (2005), SFOS; Marine Extension Agent (1991), MAP/SFOS. University of Washington '74, BA; '84, MS.

Jolis, Jennifer--2010--Term Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts (2010), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '69, BS.

Joly, Julie Judith Lurman--2004--Assistant Professor of Resources Law and Policy (2004), SNRAS/AFES. Rutgers University '97, BS; Yale University '99, MES; Georgetown University '03, JD.

Jones, Debra A.--2009--Assistant Professor of Extension (2009), CES; 4-H and Youth Development Program Leader (2009), CES. Virginia Tech, BS; Mississippi State University, MEd; Nova Southeastern University '09, PhD.

Jones, Jeremy Boyd--2000--Associate Professor of Biology (2006), CNSM. San Francisco State University '88, BS; Virginia Commonwealth University '90, MS; Arizona State University '94, PhD.

Joseph, Jacob--1991--Professor of Business Administration (1999), SOM; Business Administration Undergraduate Director (2004), SOM. University of Calgary, Canada '84, BComm; University of Iowa '86, MBA; '92, PhD.

Juday, Glenn Patrick--1981--Professor of Forest Ecology (2001), SNRAS/AFES. Purdue University '72, BS; Oregon State University '76, PhD.

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