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Fabbri, Cindy E--2005--Instructor (2005), SOE. Miami University '94, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '02, MEd.

Faudree, Jill R--1998--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2004), CNSM. Tulane University '91, BS; University of Memphis '93, MS; Emory University '98, PhD.

Fazzino, David Victor--2008--Term Assistant Professor (2008), CLA.

Fedorov, Vadim--2001--Research Associate (2006), IAB.

Fedullo, Charles Bradley--2002--Assistant Professor of Journalism (2005), CLA. Temple University '90, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '04, MA.

Filler, Dennis MacArthur--1994--Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2006), CEM. University of Central Florida '86, BS; '88, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, PhD.

Filotei, Jenifer A.--2001--Term Assistant Professor of Dental Assisting (2004), TVC/CRCD. Edmonds Community College '86, AAS.

Finstad, Gregory L.--1981--Assistant Professor of Range Ecology (2008), SNRAS/AFES; Program Manager, Reindeer Research Program (2000), SNRAS/AFES. University of Alaska Fairbanks '81, BS; '08, PhD.

Fitts, Alexandra F--1995--Professor of Languages and Literature (2008), CLA. Furman University '84, BA; Bowling Green State University '87, MA; Duke University '95, PhD.

Fix, Peter J.--2002--Associate Professor of Outdoor Recreation Management (2008), SNRAS/AFES. University of Wisconsin La Crosse '92, BS; Colorado State University '96, MS; '02, PhD.

Fochesatto, Gilberto Javier--2004--Research Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2004), GI. Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie '00, PhD.

Fok, Ching Ting--2006--Post Doctoral Fellow (2006), IAB.

Foldoe, Audrey J.--2000--Instructor of Applied Business (2000), CDE/CRCD.

Follmann, Erich H.--1976--Professor of Biology (1996), CNSM. Loyola University Chicago '65, BS; Southern Illinois University Carbondale '68, MA; '73, PhD.

Fong, Quentin Sai Wing--1999--Associate Professor of Fisheries (2006), FITC/MAP/SFOS. Florida Institute of Technology '81, BS; '89, MS; University of Rhode Island '99, PhD.

Fowell, Sarah J.--1997--Associate Professor of Geology (2005), ESTES/CNSM. University of Wisconsin '87, BS; Columbia University '91, MPhil; '91, MS; '94, PhD.

Fox, John D.--1973--Associate Professor of Land Resources Management (1993), SNRAS/AFES. Trinity College '68, BS; University of Washington '70, MS; '76, PhD.

Freitag, Gary R.--2001--Associate Professor (2008), MAP/SFOS. Philadelphia University, BS; Old Dominion University, MS.

Fresco, Nancy L.--2002--Post Doctoral Fellow (2007), AFES. University of Alaska Fairbanks '06, PhD.

Freymueller, Jeffrey--1995--Professor of Geophysics (2004), CNSM. California Institute of Technology '85, BS; University of South Carolina '88, MS; '91, PhD.

Fukuda, Masami--2007--Post Doctoral Fellow (2007), IARC.

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