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Earp, Mary E., Associate Professor of Developmental English, Emerita. University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MEd; Methodist College '95, BEd. 1986 - 2009).

Ebbesson, Sven O., Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. Southwestern College '57, BS; University of Maryland '64, PhD. (1985 - 1999).

Echelmeyer, Keith A., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Colorado '76, BS; California Institute of Technology '79, MS; '83, PhD. (1984 - 2005).

Eichelberger, John C., Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Emeritus. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS; MS; '70; Stanford University '74, PhD. (1991 - 2007)

Elsner, Robert, Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. New York University '50, BA; University of Washington '55, MS; '59, PhD. (1973 - 1988).

Elvey, Christian T., Director of Geophysical Institute, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks '69, ScD (Hon). Deceased.

Ensign, Walter G., Professor of Theatre and Drama, Emeritus. University of Denver '67, BA; University of Denver '67, MA. (1969 - 1997).

Epps, Alan C., Professor of Natural Resources, Emeritus. Montana State University '66, BS; '69, MS. (1969 - 1988).

Erickson, Karen J., Associate Professor of Political Science, Emerita. Stanford University '58, BA; Harvard University '63, MA; '76, PhD. (1991 - 2006).

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