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Bacsujlaky, Mara C--1998--Term Instructor of Extension (2007), CES; Community Development Agent (2009), CES. University of Pennsylvania '86, BA.

Bailey, Joellen Diane--1997--Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program (2000), IAC/CRCD. Emory University '91, BA.

Baker, Carrie Crosby--2005--Assistant Professor (2005), CLA. Middlebury College '96, BA; University of California, Irvine '02, MFA.

Baker, Victoria Nan--1999--Research Assistant Professor (2003), MAP/SFOS. University of Washington '81, BA; University of Alaska Anchorage '02, MEd.

Bandopadhyay, Sukumar--1982--Professor of Mining Engineering (1992), CEM. Banaras Hindu University, India '75, BS; '75, MTech; Pennsylvania State University '79, MS; '82, PhD.

Barber, Valerie A--1990--Assistant Professor of Forest Sciences, Director of UAF Forest Products (2004), SNRAS. Florida Institute of Technology '78, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MS; '02, PhD.

Barboza, Peregrine Stephen--1997--Professor of Biology (2002), CNSM. University of South Wales, Kensington '83, BSc; University of New England, Armidale, Australia '91, PhD.

Bargar, Harold Edward--1990--Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2003), CEM. University of Nebraska '77, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, MS; '03, PhD.

Barnes, Brian M.--1986--Director (2002), IAB; Professor of Biology and Wildlife (1991), CNSM. University of California, Riverside '77, BS; University of Washington '83, PhD.

Barnes, David L--1999--Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2004), CEM. New Mexico State University '85, BS; '87, MS; Colorado State University '97, PhD. P.E.

Barnes, William C.--2009--Term Assistant Professor of Computer Applications (2009), TVC/CRCD. State University of New York at Buffalo '71, BA; Nova Southeastern University '02, MS.

Barnhardt, Carol A.--1980--Associate Professor of Education (2002), SOE. North Dakota State University '65, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '81, MA; University of British Columbia '94, PhD.

Barnhardt, Raymond J.--1970--Professor of Cross Cultural Studies (1980), CLA; Director, Center for Cross Cultural Studies, CLA. North Dakota State University '65, BS; Johns Hopkins University '67, MEd; University of Oregon '70, PhD.

Barrick, Kenneth A.--1985--Associate Professor of Geography (1992), SNRAS. Shippenburg University of Pennsylvania '74, BA; Southern Illinois University Carbondale '82, MS; '83, PhD.

Barry, Ronald P--1991--Professor of Statistics (1997), CNSM. University of Alaska Anchorage '84, AA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '85, BS; '87, MS; University of California, Irvine '91, PhD.

Bartlett, Christa Lynn--2000--Assistant Professor of Medical Assisting (2003), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '04, AAS.

Becker, Steven Russell--1991--Term Assistant Professor of Tribal Management (2007), IAC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, BS; '09, MA.

Beget, James E.--1984--Professor of Geology (1996), CNSM. Columbia University '74, BA; University of Washington '77, MS; '81, PhD.

Bent, Elizabeth Stephanie--2008--Post Doctoral Fellow (2008), IAB.

Berezovskaya, Svetlana L--2003--Research Assistant Professor (2005), INE. Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute '99, MSc; '02, PhD.

Berge, Anna Mary Sophia--2001--Associate Professor (2007), CLA. University of Wisconsin Madison '88, BA; University of California, Berkeley '91, MA; '92, MLIS; '97, PhD.

Berry, Kevin T--2006--Associate Professor of Accounting (2006), SOM; Associate Dean (2008), SOM. Bradley University '89, BS; University of Missouri Columbia '90, MAcc; Oklahoma State University '95, PhD.

Bersamin, Andrea--2003--Assistant Professor (2008), CNSM. University of California, Berkeley '99, BA; University of California, Davis '06, PhD.

Bhatt, Uma S.--1998--Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2004), CNSM. University of Pittsburgh '83, BA; '83, BSE; University of Wisconsin '89, MS; '96, PhD.

Bicigo, James M--1998--Associate Professor of Music (2004), CLA. University of Michigan '88, BM; Western Michigan University '93, MA; Michigan State University '98.

Bickmeier, Donald Allen--2007--Term Assistant Professor of Process Technology (2007), TVC/CRCD. Illinois State University '69, BS; Iowa State University '74, MS.

Blake, John E.--1988--Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (2007) and Director Office of Research Integrity (2001); UAF Attending Veterinarian (1988); Associate Professor of Veterinary Science (1994), CNSM. University of Saskatchewan '80 DVM; '87 MVetSc.

Blanchard, Arny L.--1996--Research Assistant Professor (1996), IMS/SFOS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '89, BS; '99, MS; '06, PhD.

Bluhm, Bodil A--2002--Research Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2002), IMS/SFOS. Kiel University '97, MS; Bremen University '00, PhD.

Blurton, David Myers--1989--Professor of Justice (2006), CLA; Department Chair, CLA. Humboldt State University '75, BS; University of Montana '85, JD.

Bogosyan, Seta--2002--Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2002), CEM. Istanbul Technical University '81, BS; '84, MS; '91, PhD.

Bolton, William R.--1998--Post Doctoral Fellow (2009), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, MS; '06, PhD.

Boone, Richard D.--1995--Professor of Biology (2008), CNSM; Department Chair (2006), CNSM. Oberlin College '77, ABA; Oregon State University '82, MS; University of Massachusetts, Amherst '89, PhD.

Booth, Amanda Lynn--2006--Post Doctoral Fellow (2006), CEM.

Borgeson, Cory R.--1986--Term Instructor of Business Administration (1999), SOM. Oakland University '78, BA; Drake University School of Law '81, JD.

Bowden, Earlina Elizabeth--2001--Director, Office of Equal Opportunity (2005), CHANC. University of North Carolina at Greensboro '73, BA; University of LaVerne '89, MPA.

Boyer, Bert F.--1992--Professor of Molecular Biology (2008), CNSM. Texas Tech University '82, BA; Lousiana State University Medical Center '88, PhD.

Braddock, Joan Forshaug--1977--Interim Director (2008), PROV. University of Alaska Fairbanks '77, BS; '83, MS; '89, PhD.

Brashear, James J--1992--Professor of Art (2009), CLA. Indiana University of Pennsylvania '87, BFA; Louisiana State University '90, MFA.

Braun, Matthias--2010--Associate Professor (2010), GI, CNSM. University of Freiberg '97, Diploma; '01, BS; AWI for Polar and Marine Research '05, PhD.

Brayboy, Bryan McKinley--2007--President's Term Professor (2009), SOE. University of North Carolina '90, BA; Trinity College '93, MAT; University of Pennsylvania '95, MS; '99, PhD.

Bret Harte, Marion Syndonia--1998--Research Assistant Professor (2003), IAB. Reed College '83, BA; Stanford University '90, PhD.

Brewer, Reid Sinclair--1999--Research Assistant Professor (2004), MAP/SFOS; Marine Extension Agent, MAP/SFOS. United States Military Academy '95, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '03, MS.

Bridwell, Gara Deanne--1995--Term Assistant Professor, TVC/CRCD.

Brigham, Jerry C--1989--Instructor of Journalism, Independent Learning Program (1989), CDE/CRCD. University of Oklahoma '66, BFA; '71, MFA.

Brigham, Lawson W--2009--Distinquished Visiting Professor (2009), AFES.

Brightwell, Geraldine Anne--2004--Associate Professor (2008), CLA. Bristol Polytechnic '87, BA; University of East Anglia '89, MA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, MFA; University of Minnesota '04, PhD.

Bristow, William A.--1987--Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003), CEM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, BS; '88, BS; '92, PhD.

Brocious, Heidi Lenore--2003--Assistant Professor (2003), CLA; Acting Department Chair, CLA. University of Alaska Southeast '95, BEd; Walla Walla College '99, MSW.

Brower, Ronald Hopson--2006--Instructor of Inupiaq Eskimo (2006), CLA. Sorbonne University (France) '76, AA.

Brown, Melissa Caldwell--1997--Associate Professor of Applied Business (2004), TVC/CRCD. University of Delaware '92, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, MA.

Brown, Stephen Castlebury--2007--Assistant Professor of Extension Education (2007), CES; Agriculture and Horticulture Agent, Copper River/Matanuska Susitna District, CES. Texas A&M University '87, BS; University of Texas at San Antonio '92, MS; State University of New York at Syracuse '99, PhD.

Buckley, Maida Gail--2003--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (2003), SOE. State University of New York '69, BA; Cambridge College '99, MEd.

Bueler, Edward Lee--1998--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2005), CNSM. California State University, Chico '91, BS; Cornell University '95, MS; '97, PhD.

Bult Ito, Abel--1999--Professor of Biology (2008), CNSM. University of Groningen '85, BS; '88, MS; Wesleyan University '94, PhD.

Burke, Bridget J.--2009--Assistant Professor of Library Science and Head, Alaska and Polar Regions Collections (2009), LIB. University of Wisconsin '84, BA; '86, MA; Wesleyan University '01, MA.

Burleson, Derick Wade--2001--Associate Professor of English (2007), CLA. Oklahoma State University '86, BS; Kansas State University '90, MA; University of Montana '96, MFA; University of Houston '01, PhD.

Burmeister, Richard A--1996--Coordinator of Rural Programs (2000), CRCD; Term Assistant Professor of Education (1999), SOE. Texas Lutheran College '68, BA; Old Lady of the Lake College '70, Certificate; University of Alaska Southeast '78, Certificate; East Texas State University '78, MS; California Coast University '87, EdD.

BurnSilver, Shauna Beth--2008--Post Doctoral Fellow (2008), AFES.

Butler Hopkins, Kathleen M.--1979--Professor of Music (1990), CLA. Trinity College of Music London, England '71, FTCL; The Juilliard School '75, BM; '76, MM; Yale University School of Music '78, MMA; '82, DMA.

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