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Abramowicz, Kenneth F--1994--Associate Professor of Accounting (2001), SOM. University of Tulsa '82, BA; '83, MS; University of Missouri Columbia '91, PhD.

Adkison, Milo D.--1996--Associate Professor of Fisheries (2003), SFOS. University of California, Davis '84, BS; Montana State University Bozeman '89, MS; University of Washington '94, PhD.

Aguilar Islas, Ana Maria--2007--Post Doctoral Fellow (2007), IARC.

Albertson, Leif E--2008--Assistant Professor of Extension (2008), CES; Health, Home and Family Development Agent, Yukon Kuskokwim District, CES. University of California, Berkeley '01, BA; Harvard University '06, MS.

Alexander, Kevin Wayne--2004--Assistant Professor of Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance (2007), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, Certificate; '05, AAS.

Alexeev, Vladimir--2002--Research Associate Professor (2002), IARC. Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology '84, MS; '88, PhD.

Alexie, Oscar F--1983--Instructor of Yup'ik Eskimo (1994), KUC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '04, BA.

Alexie, Sophie Ann--1983--Instructor of Yup'ik Eskimo (1994), KUC/CRCD. Kuskokwim Community College, AA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '78, AA; '83, BEd.

Alis, Russell D.--2005--Assistant Professor of Airframe and Power Plant Maintenance (2008), TVC/CRCD.

Allen, James--1996--Professor of Psychology (2003), CLA. University of Wisconsin '81, BA; University of Montana '88, MA; '90, PhD.

Allen, Jane B--1986--Term Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1998), KUC/CRCD. Indiana University '72, BA; '75, MS.

Allman, Elizabeth S--2005--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2005), CNSM. Yale University '87, BA; University of California, Los Angeles '92, MA; '95, PhD.

Anahita, Jensine Martha--2003--Associate Professor of Sociology (2008), CLA. Iowa State University '97, BS; '00, MS; '03, PhD.

Anderl, Robert G.--1990--Instructor of Library Science, Independent Learning Program (1995), CDE/CRCD. Syracuse University '62, BA; '65, MS; University of Tulsa '86, Certificate.

Anderson, Jodie Marie--2003--Instructor (2007), SNRAS; Director, AK Community Horticulture Program, AFES. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill '92, BS; Brown University '94, MA.

Andrews, Russel Don--2002--Research Assistant Professor (2002), IMS/SFOS. University of California, Los Angeles '90, BS; University of British Columbia, Vancouver '99, PhD.

Andrews, Susan B.--1983--Professor of General Studies (2001), CC/CRCD; Professor of Journalism, CLA. Smith College '81, BA; University of Oregon '83, MA.

Anger, Andreas Paul Wilhelm--1994--Assistant Professor of Applied Business (2002), TVC/CRCD. University of Nebraska '90, MBA; University of Bayreuth, Germany '91, Diplom Kaufmann.

Aoki, Miho--2001--Associate Professor of Computer Art (2007), CLA; Joint Faculty (2001), ARSC. Aichi University, Japan '91, BEd; Ohio State University '98, MFA.

Arendt, Anthony Alan--2000--Research Assistant Professor (2008), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks '06, PhD.

Armbruster, William Scott--1980--Research Professor (1999), IAB. University of California, Santa Barbara '72, BA; University of California, Davis '77, MS; '81, PhD.

Armstrong, Anne Brenner--2004--Assistant Professor of Education (2007), SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, BA; '74, BEd; '92, MEd.

Arthur, Melanie Marie--2007--Assistant Professor (2007), CLA.

Arundale, Robert B--1979--Professor of Communication (2000), CLA. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '63, BS; '64, MS; Michigan State University '71, PhD.

Aschwanden, Andreas--2009--Post Doctoral Fellow (2009), ARSC.

Ashdown, Brien K--2009--Assistant Professor of Psychology (2009), CLA. Weber State University '03, BA; Saint Louis University '06, MS; '09, PhD.

Atkinson, David Elmer--2004--Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2004), IARC. Carleton University '89, BSc; '92, MA; University of Ottawa '00, PhD.

Atkinson, Judith A.--1996--Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics (2009), CRCD. Eastern Kentucky University '88, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, MS; '02, PhD.

Atkinson, Shannon Kathleen--2000--Professor of Marine Science (2000), JC/SFOS. University of Hawai'i Manoa '78, BS; '81, MS; Murdoch University '85, PhD.

Avdonin, Sergei Anatolievich--2001--Professor of Mathematics (2001), CNSM. St. Petersburg State University '72, BS; '77, PhD.

Ayagarak, Nancy Hart--1989--Instructor (1989), KUC/CRCD. University of Washington, BA; Western Oregon University '83, MS.

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