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Yang, Daqing—1999—Associate Professor (2005), WERC/INE; CEM. Xinjiang University '81, BA; Hehai University '84, MS; Academy of Sciences, Lanchou '88, PhD.

Yarie, John A.—1978—Director of Forest Soils Laboratory (1996); Professor of Silviculture (1997), SNRAS/AFES. West Virginia University '71, BS; University of Maine '74, MS; University of British Columbia '78, PhD.

Yoshikawa, Kenji—1997—Research Associate Professor of Water Resources (2005), WERC/INE. University of the Ryukyus, Japan '86, BE; Hokkaido University '90, MS; '97, PhD.

Yu, Yi—2007—Digital Projects Librarian (2007), LIB. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, MLS; Arizona State University, MCS; Xiamen Aquatic and Marine Institute, China, BS; Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China, MA.

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