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Radenbaugh, Todd A.--2006--Assistant Professor of Environmental Science (2006), BBC/CRCD. University of North Carolina at Wilmington '87, BS; Appalachian State University '92, MS; University of Regina, '07, PhD.

Rader, Heidi B.--2007--Term Assistant Professor of Extension and Agriculture and Horticulture Agent, Extension Indian Reservations Program, Tanana Chiefs Conference (2007), CES. University of Colorado at Boulder '02, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '06, MS.

Radoslavov, Ilia G.--2006--Instructor of Music, Piano (2006), CLA. State Music Academy, Sofia (Bulgaria) '95, BM; Southern Illinois University Carbondale '02, MM; University of Wisconsin-Madison, '06, DMA.

RaLonde, Raymond L.--1991--Professor of Fisheries (1996); Aquaculture Specialist (1991), MAP/SFOS. Oregon State University '69, BS; '72, BEd; University of Idaho, '88, MS.

Raskovic, Dejan--2003--Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003), CEM. University of Belgrade '93, BS; '96, MS; University of Alabama in Hunstville, '03, PhD.

Rasley, Brian T.--1999--Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Distance Delivery (2005), CNSM, CRCD. Arizona State University '81, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '90, MA; Georgetown University, '98, PhD.

Reeve, Terence A.--2004--Assistant Professor (2004); Marine Extension Agent (2004), MAP/SFOS. University of Washington '65, BA.

Reilly, Terence J.--1996--Professor of English (2000), CLA. Colby College '75, BA; Nova University '82, MSEd; University of Miami, '91, MA; '93, PhD.

Rencher, Brian K.--2006--Assistant Professor (2006), Diesel/Heavy Equipment Program, TVC/CRCD.

Renes, Susan L.--2007--Assistant Professor of Education (2007), SOE. University of Idaho '77, BS; '77, BS; Capella University, '03, MS.

Reynolds, Douglas B.--1997--Associate Professor of Economics (2002); Graduate Director, M.S. Economics (1999), SOM. Colorado State University '84, BS; University of New Mexico '91, MA; '94, PhD.

Reynolds, Jennifer R.--2000--Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2000); WCPRURC Science Director (2000), GURU/SFOS. Dartmouth College '85, BS; Columbia University '90, MA; '95, PhD.

Rhodes, John A.--2005--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2005), CNSM. Dartmouth College '82, BA; Massachusetts Institute of Technology '86, PhD.

Rickard, Anthony D.--2003--Associate Professor of Mathematics Education (2003), CNSM, SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, BS; '89, MAT; Michigan State University, '93, PhD.

Rickey, Melissa J.--2001--Associate Professor of Education (2007), SOE. University of Washington '76, BA; '81, MEd; '92, PhD.

Riley, Julie A.--1984--Professor of Extension (2007); Anchorage District Horticulture Agent (1984), CES. University of Wisconsin-Madison '77, BS; '80, MS.

Ringstad, Ann T.--2004--Associate Vice Chancellor (2004), University Relations, ACE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '05, AA; '06, BA.

Ritter, John T.--1990--Affiliate Professor of Alaska Native Languages (1995), CLA. Michigan State University '66, BS; '66, BA.

Rivkin, Inna D.--2007--Assistant Professor of Psychology, CLA. University of California, Berkeley '93, BA; University of California, Los Angeles '00, PhD.

Roberts, Larry N.--1984--Assistant Professor of Human Services/Rural Human Service (2003); Coordinator of Behavioral Health Program, KUC/CRCD. Texas Christian University '77, MEd.

Roehl II, Roy F.--1998--Assistant Professor of Education (2007), SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '73, AA; '93, BEd; '96, MEd.

Rogers, Brian--2008--Chancellor (2008), CHANC. Harvard University, '84, MPA

Romanovsky, Vladimir E.--1992--Professor of Geophysics (2006), GI, CNSM. Moscow State University '75, MS; '82, PhD; Moscow State University, '85, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks, '96, PhD.

Rosenberg, Jonathan--1993--Professor of Political Science (2007), CLA. Pennsylvania State University '80, BA; University of California, Los Angeles '81, MA; '92, PhD.

Rosenberger, Amanda E.--2006--Assistant Professor of Fisheries (2006), Fisheries Division, SFOS. Simon's Rock College of Bard '94, BA; University of Florida '97, MS; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, '02, PhD.

Roth, Mitchell--1983--Professor of Computer Science (1995), CNSM. Michigan State University '73, MS; University of Illinois '80, PhD.

Rozell, Ruiz Anne--1976--Associate Professor (1987), TVC/CRCD. South Arkansas University '70, BSE; University of Alaska Fairbanks '78, AAS; '79, BEd; '79, BT.

Ruess, Diane E.--1989--Associate Professor of Library Science (1997), LIB. University of North Dakota '75, BS; University of Washington '79, MLS.

Ruess, Roger W.--1989--Professor of Botany (2001), CNSM; Associate Director (2001), IAB. University of California, Irvine '74, BS; University of North Dakota '80, PhD.

Runstadler, Jonathan A.--2004--Assistant Professor of Biology & Wildlife (2004), CNSM, IAB. Stanford University '89, BS; University of New Hampshire '92, MS; University of California, Davis, '99, DVM; '03, PhD.

Rupp, Terry (Scott) S.--1998--Associate Professor of Forestry (2001), AFES/SNRAS. Pennsylvania State University '93, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, PhD.

Ruppert, James--1988--President's Professor of Alaska Native Studies (2003), CLA. State University of New York '70, BA; Purdue University '72, MA; University of New Mexico, '81, PhD.

Rutledge, Michael W.--2007--Instructor of Developmental Studies (2007), NWC/CRCD. University of Idaho '87, BA; Boise State University '05, MEd.

Rybkin, Alexei--1998--Professor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (2005), CNSM, CDE/CRCD. St. Petersburg University, Russia '82, MS; St. Petersburg University, Russia '85, PhD.

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