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Cahill, Catherine F.--1998--Associate Professor of Chemistry (2004), CNSM, GI. University of California, Davis '90, BS; University of Washington '94, MS; University of Nevada, Reno, '96, PhD.

Caldwell, Patt--1986--Assistant Professor of Education (2004); Director of Field Work (2004), SOE. Winthrop College '64, BS; Memphis State University '70, MEd.

Callahan, Karen--2003--Assistant Professor of History (2003), CLA. University of California, Santa Cruz '89, BA; University of California, Berkeley '94, MA; '04, PhD.

Carmack, Eddy C.--2005--Co-Chapman Chair (2006), CNSM.

Carr, Richard S.--1995--Associate Professor of English (2005); Director of Writing Center (1998), CLA; Instructor of English, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. University of Wisconsin '72, BA; University of Iowa '75, MA; University of Minnesota, '94, PhD.

Carroll, Jennifer L.L.--1992--Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (1999), IAC/CRCD. Harvard University '90, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MA.

Carstens, Daniel R.--2002--Instructor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (2002), CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Anchorage '05, MEd.

Cascio, Julie M.--2004--Assistant Professor of Extension, Copper River/Matanuska-Susitna District Home Economist (2004), CES. University of Wisconsin-Stout '83, BS; Oregon State University '94, MEd.

Castellini, Michael--1989--Associate Dean (2005); Professor of Marine Science (1998), IMS/SFOS. University of California, San Diego '75, BA; Scripps Institution of Oceanography '81, PhD.

Castillo, Marina R.--2001--Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (2007), CNSM. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey '85, BS; '88, MS; University of Rhode Island, '95, PhD.

Cathey III, Daniel O.--2003--Assistant Professor of Woodwinds; UAF Jazz Band Director, CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, BM.

Caulfield, Richard A.--1983--Director, Tanana Valley Campus (2005); Professor of Rural Development (2001), TVC/CRCD. University of California, Berkeley '73, BS; University of California, Berkeley '73, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks, '86, MEd; University of East Anglia, '93, PhD.

Celaire, Jaunelle R.--2003--Assistant Professor of Music (2003), CLA. Anderson Village School '88, BA; Bowling Green State University '00, MM; University of Michigan, '03, DMA.

Chadwick, Jerah E.--1987--Professor of General and Developmental Studies (2001), IAC/CRCD. Lake Forest College '70, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, MFA.

Chagnon, Gail M.--2005--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (2005), SOE. Auburn University '72, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, MEd.

Chapin III, F. Stuart (Terry)--1997--Professor of Biology (1984), CNSM, IAB. Swarthmore College '66, BS; Stanford University '73, PhD.

Chappell, Glenn G.--2000--Associate Professor of Computer Science (2006), CNSM. University of Kansas '88, BS; '90, MA; University of Illinois, '96, PhD.

Charles, Stephen (Walkie) W.--1995--Instructor of Yup'ik Eskimo (2001), Alaska Native Languages, CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, BEd; University of Massachusetts, Amherst '94, MEd.

Chen, Cheng-fu--2002--Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2002), CEM. National Taiwan University, Taipei '88, BS; '90, MS; University of Wisconsin-Madison, '99, PhD.

Chen, Gang--1993--Professor of Mining and Mineral Engineering (2002), CEM. Shandong Mining Institute '77, BS; Colorado School of Mines '84, MS; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, '89, PhD.

Chowdhury, Ataur--1990--Associate Professor of Physics (1998), CNSM. Dhaka University '77, BS; Clark University '85, PhD.

Christensen, Douglas--1988--Professor of Geophysics (1998), CNSM, GI. University of Utah '77, BS; University of Michigan '79, MS; '87, PhD.

Christie, A. Anne--2006--BioScience Librarian (2006); Associate Professor of Library Science (2006), LIB. University of Melbourne '72, BAgrS; La Trobe University '76, MAgr; University of Hawai'i, '82, MLS.

Christie, David M.--2006--Director (2006), West Coast & Polar Regions Undersea Research Unit, Global Undersea Research Unit, SFOS. Australian National University '69, BS; La Trobe University '74, MSc; University of Hawai'i, '84, PhD.

Chukwu, Godwin A.--1990--Professor of Petroleum Engineering (1997), CEM. University of Southwestern Louisiana '79, BS; '80, MS; University of Oklahoma, '89, PhD. P.E.

Chung, Minna R.--2003--Term Assistant Professor of Music (2003), CLA. Oberlin College '95, BA; Northwestern University '98.

Clark, Claudia C.--1989--Director of Statewide Programming and Production (2005),. Feather River College '78, AA; Montana State University '83, BS; Montana State University, '88, MEd; University of Utah, '97, PhD.

Clausen, Richard E.--1978--Instructor of Developmental Mathematics (2005), CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '75, BS; University of Oregon '77, MS.

Clausen, Thomas P.--1982--Professor of Chemistry (1999); Department Chair, CNSM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '75, BS; Michigan State University '80, PhD.

Coakley, Bernard--2002--Associate Professor of Geophysics (2002); Department Chair (2006), CNSM, GI. University of Michigan '81, BS; Louisiana State University '88, MS; Columbia University, '89, MPhil; '91, PhD.

Coffman, Christine E.--2005--Assistant Professor of English (2005), CLA. Cornell University '94, AB; University of Southern California '97, MA; '01, PhD.

Coles-Ritchie, Marilee--2007--Assistant Professor of Linguistics (2007), CLA. University of Utah '87, BS; School for International Training '93, MA; University of Utah, '06, PhD.

Collins, James M.--1991--Associate Professor of Business Administration (1998), SOM. Illinois State University at Normal '72, BS; University of Texas at Austin '86, MBA; '91, PhD.

Collins, Richard L.--1994--Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2004), CNSM, GI. National University of Ireland '86, BE; Case Western Reserve University '88, MS; University of Illinois, '94, PhD.

Conde, Mark G.--1993--Assistant Professor of Physics (2003), CNSM, GI. University of Tasmania '82, BS; University of Adelaide '91, PhD.

Cook, Christine R.--2000--Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling (2002), SOE. Whitman College '91, BA; Western Washington University '93, MS; Washington State University, Vancouver, '99, MIT.

Cooper, Christine E.--2003--Assistant Professor of Communication (2003), CLA. Oral Roberts University '81, BA; Memphis State University '84, MA; University of Memphis, '97, MA; University of Texas at Austin, '02, PhD.

Cooper, G. Burns--1990--Professor of English (1997), CLA. Yale University '83, BA; University of Texas '86, MA; '89, PhD.

Copeland, Audrey J.--1989--Instructor of History, Independent Learning Program (1989), CDE/CRCD. University of Michigan '64, BA.

Corti, Lillian Z.--1991--Professor of English (2002); Instructor of Women's Studies, CLA. Brooklyn College '74, BA; The City University of New York '80, MA; '84, PhD.

Coursey, Dianne K.--1995--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (1999), SOE. University of Connecticut '66, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '71, MAT.

Crapo, Charles A.--1983--Professor of Seafood Science (Technology) (1999), FITC/MAP/SFOS. Oregon State University '74, BS; '83, MS; University of Rhode Island, '96, PhD.

Craven, John D.--1991--Professor of Physics (1991); Department Chair, Physics (2003), CNSM, GI. University of Iowa '63, BA; '64, MS; '69, PhD.

Creed, John--1987--Professor of General Studies (1999), CC/CRCD. University of Massachusetts, Amherst '75, BA; University of Oregon '83, MA.

Criddle, Keith R.--1989--Ted Stevens Distinguished Professor of Marine Policy, SFOS.

Cronin, Matthew A.--2004--Research Associate Professor (2004), AFES/SNRAS. State University of New York '76, BS; Montana State University '86, MS; Yale University, '89, PhD.

Croskrey, Wendy E.--1990--Associate Professor of Art (1998), CLA. University of Minnesota '85, BFA; Ohio State University '90, MFA.

Croteau, Lael M.--2006--Associate Director of Admissions (2007), SES. St. Michael's College '00, BA; University of Vermont '05, MEd.

Crouse, David J.--2007--Assistant Professor of English (2007), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, MFA.

Cullenberg, Paula J.--1995--Professor of Marine Science (2006); Leader, Marine Advisory Program (2003); Coastal Community Development Specialist (2002), MAP/SFOS. Brown University '77, BA; University of Washington '82, MS.

Curda, Linda--1982--Associate Professor of Community Health (2000), CRCD. University of Maryland '71, BS; Johns Hopkins University '77, MPH.

Curry, Edith I.--1988--Fire Chief (2003), VCAS. Alaska Public Safety Academy '85; Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy '90.

Cysewski, Stephen--1991--Professor of Computer Applications (2003), Information Technology Services, TVC/CRCD. Western Washington University '67, BA; Alaska Pacific University '87, MLA.

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