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Film Studies

FLM F105 History of the Cinema (h)

3 Credits

History and development of the medium of film in the U.S. and abroad during the last 100 years. Content will vary each semester. Note: Available via Independent Learning only. (Cross-listed with JRN F105.) (3+0)

FLM F215 Dramatic Literature (h)

3 Credits     Offered Fall Even-numbered Years

Studies of drama and forms of plays such as tragedy, comedy, melodrama, farce and tragicomedy. Emphasis on reading plays of the classic theatre designed to give basic knowledge of masterpieces of world drama. (Cross-listed with THR F215.) (3+0)

FLM F217 Introduction to the Study of Film (h)

3 Credits     Offered Spring

An appreciation course designed to introduce the student to the various forms of cinematic art with special emphasis on humanistic and artistic aspects. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X. (Cross-listed with ENGL F217; JRN F217.) (2+2)

FLM F245 Stage and Film Production Management (h)

3 Credits

Define and develop organizational skills to be a successful stage or film production manager. Creation of a prompt script including all forms and schedules necessary, working with actors, directors and designers. Creation of film production schedules, call sheets, shooting scripts, location management, and union requirements. (Cross-listed with THR F245.) (3+0)

FLM F271 Let's Make a Movie!

3 Credits     Offered Fall

Produce a short dramatic video including concept and script development, basic camera and shooting techniques, working with actors/directing fundamentals, location scouting, production schedule development, basic non-linear editing techniques, and DVD authoring. Students do not need previous experience making movies to take this class. Recommended: THR F121; THR F241. (Cross-listed with THR F271.) (3+0)

FLM F280 Video Storytelling (h)

3 Credits     Offered Fall

Basics of digital video production technology, composition, audio, lighting and editing as it relates to primarily non-fiction filmmaking. Students will conclude the course by producing their own short videos. Special fees apply. (Cross-listed with JRN F280.) (3+0)

FLM F308 Film Criticism (h)

3 Credits

Theoretical approaches to viewing, analyzing and evaluating film and television program content. Note: Available via Independent Learning only. (Cross-listed with JRN F308.) (3+0)

FLM F310 Acting for the Camera (h)

3 Credits     Offered Fall Even-numbered Years

Apply skills introduced in fundamentals of acting, intermediate and advanced acting to acting for the camera. Through exercises and scene study, the class will expand each performer's range of emotional, intellectual, physical and vocal expressiveness for the camera. Act in numerous on-camera exercises, television and film scenes. May be repeated twice for credit. Prerequisites: THR F121. Recommended: THR F221; THR F321. (Cross-listed with THR F310.) (3+0)

FLM F331 Directing Film/Video (h)

3 Credits     Offered Spring

Introduction to the history, theory and basic concepts of film direction. Includes interpretative script analysis, creative visualization, conceptualization, use of space, working with actors and designers, and direction of short scenes and videos. Prerequisites: THR F121; THR F215; or permission of instructor. (Cross-listed with THR F331.) (1+4)

FLM F332 Directing Theatre (h)

3 Credits     Offered Spring

History, theory and basic concepts of stage direction. Interpretive script analysis, creative visualization, conceptualization, use of space, working with actors and designers and direction of short scenes. Recommended: THR F121. (Cross-listed with THR F332.) (3+0)

FLM F334W Movies and Films: Watching and Analyzing (h)

3 Credits     Offered Spring

Thematic topics in the study of the art of classic cinema (films) and popular mass media (movies). Comparative analysis of classics and recent motion pictures is used to present elements of film language, analysis and criticism in this writing intensive course. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X or permission of instructor. (Cross-listed with THR F334.) (3+0)

FLM F348 Sound Design for the Entertainment Industry (h)

3 Credits     Offered Spring Odd-numbered Years

Exploration and application of the elements of design as they relate to sound for theatre, dance, film, video, and other art forms, and life in American and other cultures. Production work is required. Recommended: THR F241; THR F247. (Cross-listed with THR F348.) (2+2)

FLM F470 Advanced Film and Video Directing (h)

3 Credits     Offered Fall Even-numbered Years

In depth investigation into the history, theory and basic concepts of film and video direction. Script preparation, story board, blocking actors and staging the camera, sound and editing. Projects include directing and shooting short videos. Recommended: FLM/THR F331. (Cross-listed with THR F470.) (1+6)

FLM F488W Dramatic Writing (h)

3 Credits     Offered Even Alternate Fall

Introduction to the craft of dramatic writing for theater and film, with an emphasis on dramatic storytelling. Course will focus on giving students a practical understanding of the uses of story structure, setting, character, plot and dialog, and how these elements work together to create compelling drama. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X or permission of instructor. (Cross-listed with: ENGL F488; THR F488.) (3+0)

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