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American Sign Language

ASLG F101 American Sign Language I (h)

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Visual-gestural language used by most deaf Americans. Acquisition of receptive and expressive conversational skills. Cultural aspects of everyday life experiences of deaf people. (3+0)

ASLG F110 American Sign Language Practice (h)

1 Credit     Offered As Demand Warrants

Skill development in use of American Sign Language. Conducted entirely in sign language with aspects of deaf culture included. All skill levels. May be repeated twice for credit. Graded Pass/Fail. (1+0)

ASLG F202 American Sign Language II (h)

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Expressive and receptive conversational skills. Understanding the culture that is an integral part of the language. Continuation of American Sign Language I. Prerequisites: ASLG F101 or permission of instructor. (3+0)

ASLG F203 American Sign Language III (h)

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Grammar, conceptual structure and lexical items of American Sign Language. Cultural awareness and expressive and receptive signing skills for communicating and understanding American Sign Language in diverse contexts. Continuation of ASLG F101 and ASLG F202. Prerequisites: ASLG F202 or permission of instructor. (3+0)

ASLG F204 American Sign Language IV (h)

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Spontaneous and interactive use of American Sign Language. Grammar, structure and lexical components. Cultural aspects supporting communication in American Sign Language at an advanced level. A continuation of ASLG F203. Prerequisites: ASLG F203 or permission of instructor. (3+0)

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