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Certificate Requirements

Certificate programs vary in length; however, you can usually complete them in one year. Certificates are awarded in specific occupational fields with emphasis on entering the job market. These certificates can serve as the basis for additional education and are the first step toward an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) degree. For specific major requirements, refer to the degrees and programs section.

Only degree requirements in effect within five academic years prior to your graduation date for a certificate may be used. You are considered enrolled in your degree program when you complete the appropriate degree-seeking student registration procedure. If you do not enroll for a semester or more, or if you enroll through the non-degree process, you are not considered enrolled as a degree student during that time. If your degree program is delivered collaboratively within the UA system, credits you earn from each UA institution will be counted toward fulfillment of the degree requirements and fulfillment of the minimum institutional residency requirements.

You may enroll in any course for which you are eligible. To earn a certificate, you must formally be admitted to a certificate program and you must earn at least 30 credits, including transfer credit. Fifteen semester hours must be residence credits. You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all course work, as well as in your major. Programs of study for which certificates are granted must contain a recognizable body of instruction in the program-related areas of communication, computation and human relations.

Additional appropriate topics may include safety, industrial safety and environmental awareness. Instruction in the related instructional areas may be embedded within the program curriculum or taught in blocks of specialized instruction. Each approach, however, will have clearly identified content that is pertinent to the general program of study.

Note: Students planning to go on to a bachelor’s degree need to work closely with their advisors and are encouraged to select courses meeting core requirements and courses designated within majors and minors. Only those courses with an "X" designator count toward the baccalaureate core.


Communication (2–3 credits)

Complete one of the following:

Computation (2–3 credits)

Complete one of the following:

Human Relations (2–3 credits)

Complete one of the following:

Major specialty at least 21

Electives to total 30

* ENGL 212 does not fulfill the second half of the written communication requirement for the bachelor’s degree.

Majors available for certificate programs

Accounting Technician
Airframe and Powerplant
Aviation Maintenance
Automotive Technology
Business Management, Applied
Community Health
Construction Trades Technology
Culinary Arts
Dental Assistant
Diesel/Heavy Equipment
Drafting Technology
Early Childhood Education
Educator: Para-Professional
Health Care Reimbursement
Information Technology Specialist
Instrumentation Technology
Medical Assistant
Medical/Dental Reception
Mining Applications and Technologies
Native Language Education
Rural Human Services
Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Technology
Tribal Management
Yup’ik Language Proficiency

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