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Vadlamani, Srikar--2002--Engineer (2005), OEM. Jawahalal Nehru Technological University, India '01, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '05, MS.

Valcic, Branka--2005--Assistant Professor of Economics (2005), SOM. University of Zagreb, Croatia '99, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, MS.

Valentine, David W.--1996--Associate Professor of Forest Science (2003), AFES/SNRAS. Wittenberg University '81, BA; Duke University '84, MS; '90, PhD.

Vallarino, Mark P.--1989--Programmer (1996), IMS/SFOS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, BS.

Van Delden, Kari L.--2004--Assistant Professor of Extension (2004); Nome Northwest District Extension Agent (2004), Home Economics/4-H Youth Development Agent (2004), CES. Western Washington University '91, BA; '95, ME.

Vaska, Sharon R.--2003--Instructor of Early Childhood (2003), KUC/CRCD. Sonoma State University '75, BA.

Veal, Nancy L.--2001--Term Instructor of Extension (2001); 4-H and Youth Development Agent, Kenai Peninsula District (2001), CES. University of Oregon '67, BS.

Veazey, Richard B.--1978--Imaging Manager (1997), LIB. University of Houston '75, BS.

Velazquez, Nelson R.--2005--Assistant Professor of Military Science (2005), CLA. Troy State University '05, AA.

Verbyla, David L.--1993--Professor of Geographic Information Systems (2002), AFES/SNRAS. Rutgers University '79, BS; Michigan State University '82, MS; Utah State University '88, PhD.

Vonder Haar, Paige--2001--Program Director, Bunnell House Early Childhood Lab School (2001), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, AAS; '96, BA; '97, BA.

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