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Ladegard, Karen R.--2000--EDPA Program Coordinator (2003), IAC/CRCD. Monmouth University '72, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, MA; '79, MA.

Laforge, Shirley--2000--Assistant Professor of Nursing (2002), TVC/UAA. University of Washington '76, BS; University of Hawaii at Manoa '91, MS.

Laiti, Jann M.--1977--Academic Advisor (1998), SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, BEd.

Lamont, Dolly A.--2005--Administrative Assistant, Distance Education/Instructional Support (2005), KUC/CRCD.

Lan, Ping--2002--Associate Professor (2002), Business Administration, SOM. Peking University, China '82, BS; Zhongshan University, China '85, MS; University of Strathclyde, U.K. '95, PhD.

Lang, Andrew S.--2003--Research Associate (2003), IMS/SFOS. Brock University '94, BS; University of British Columbia '00, PhD.

Lardon, Cecile S.--1999--Assistant Professor of Psychology (1999), CLA. Depaul University '89, BA; University of Illinois at Chicago '95, MA; '99, PhD.

Larimore, Kenneth (Ken) R.--1975--Athletic Equipment Manager (1981), ATHREC/ACE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BS; '85, BS; '97, BS.

LaRoe, Daniel J.--1985--IS Professional 3 (1987), OIT. University of Alaska Anchorage '84, AAS.

Larrabee, Alden (Tim) D.--1999--Manager, User Services and Desktop Support (2000), OIT. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, BBA.

Larsen, Jessica--1997--Research Assistant Professor of Volcanology (1999), GI. University of California, Santa Cruz '91, BS; '93, MS; '96, PhD.

Larweth, Julie M.--2004--Assistant to the Vice Chancellor (2004), VCAS. Pepperdine University '02, BS.

Laursen, Gary A.--1976--Adjunct Professor of Biology (2001), CNSM/IAB. Western Washington University '65, BA; University of Montana '70, MS; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University '75, PhD.

Lawlor, Orion S.--1997--Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2005), CNSM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, BS; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '01, MS; '05, PhD.

Layer, Paul W.--1989--Professor of Geophysics (2000), CNSM/GI. Michigan State University '81, BS; Stanford University '84, MS; '86, PhD.

Layral, Sheri L.--1980--Coordinator, Governance Office (1990), CHANC. University of Alaska Juneau '75, AA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '80, BS; '88, MEd.

L'Ecuyer, Rosalie E.--1990--Instructor of English, Independent Learning Program Instructor of History (1990); Instructor of English (2001), CDE/CRCD. Regis College, BA; Georgetown University, MA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MA.

Lee, Andrew C.--1999--Programmer (2002), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '02, BS.

Lee, Jonah H.--1984--Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1994), CEM. Chung Yuan College '73, BS; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology '79, MS; Iowa State University '83, PhD.

Lee, Margaret (Molly) C.--1995--Professor of Anthropology (2001), CLA; Curator of Ethnology (1995), MUSEUM. University of California, Santa Barbara '79, BA; '82, MA; University of California, Berkeley '85, MA; '92, PhD.

Lee, Patrick J.--2005--Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing, Promotions, Fundraising and Events (2005), ATHREC/ACE. Carl Albert State College '94, AA; Idaho State University '96, BS; '98, MPE.

Leer, Jeffry (Jeff) A.--1976--Professor of Linguistics (2000), ANLC, CLA. Evergreen State College '76, BA; University of Chicago '89, MA; '89, MA; '91, PhD.

Lee-Roscovius, Melissa J.--1998--Accounting Technician (2001), SOM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, AA; '01, BA; '04, MA.

Leff, Kim A.--1996--Clinical Associate Professor (2004), Social Work, CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, BA; University of Northern Iowa '02, MSW.

Lehman, John A.--1987--Professor of Business Administration (1991), SOM; Director, International Programs (1997), PROV. University of Michigan '72, BA; '73, MA; '77, MBA; '82, PhD.

Lehman, Lisa M.--1988--Associate Professor of Library Science (1998), LIB. University of Michigan '73, BA; '74, MLS.

Leiner, Roseann M.--1996--Assistant Professor of Horticulture (2000), AFES/SNRAS. Cornell University '81, BS; '99, PhD; University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, MS.

Lemley, Scott G.--2005--Head Women's Swimming Coach (2005), ATHREC/ACE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '89, BA.

Leonard III, Martin L.--1983--Assistant Professor, NSF Project Manager (2004), KUC/CRCD. Indiana University of Pennsylvania '80, BS; Alaska Pacific University '02, MBA.

Levison, James--1982--Executive Officer, CES/SNRAS Business Office (1993), CES/AFES/SNRAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BS.

Lewis, Carol E.--1973--Dean, School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (2002); Director, Agricultural and Forestry Experimentation Center (2002); Professor, Resource Management (1993), SNRAS. University of Florida '62, BS; '64, MS; Georgetown University '71, PhD; University of Alaska Fairbanks '76, MBA.

Li, Shusun--1990--Research Professor of Geophysics (2000), GI. Peking University, China '66, BA; University of California, Santa Barbara '82, MA; '85, PhD.

Lillestol, Janne K.--2005--Term Assistant Professor of Education (2005), SOE. University of Minnesota '97, EdD.

Lilly, Elizabeth S.--1989--Research Technician (1989), INE. Texas A&M University '84, BS.

Lin, Chuen-Sen--1990--Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1997), CEM. National Taiwan University of Oceanic Science '72, BS; University of Hawaii '78, MS; University of Minnesota '88, PhD.

Lin, Hsing-Kuang (Steve)--1986--Professor of Hydrometallurgy (1996), Mineral Industry Research Laboratory, CEM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '80, MS; University of Utah '85, PhD.

Lincoln, Tamara P.--1976--Associate Professor of Library Science (1986), LIB; Arctic Bibliographer/Curator of Rare Books and Maps, Affiliate Professor of Russian and Women's Studies. University of Illinois '61, BFA; '64, MA; Northern Illinois Univeristy '76, MLS.

Lindberg, Mark S.--2001--Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology (2004), Biology & Wildlife, CNSM/IAB. Indiana University of Pennsylvania '85, BS; Cornell University '91, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, PhD.

Lingle, Craig--1990--Research Professor of Geophysics (2000), GI. University of Washington '67, BS; University of Maine, Orono '78, MS; University of Wisconsin--Madison '83, PhD.

Linn, Angela J.--1996--Collections Manager, Ethnology and History (1999), MUSEUM. University of Iowa '94, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, MA.

Lipka, Jerry M.--1981--Professor of Education (1999), SOE. City College of New York '66, BBA; '69, MBA; University of Massachusetts, Amherst '80, EdD.

Little, Joseph (Joe) M.--2005--Assistant Professor of Economics (2005), SOM. University of Puget Sound '96, BA; University of Denver '00, MA; University of New Mexico '05, PhD.

Logan, Thomas A.--1990--MPP Specialist (2001), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, BS; '94, MS.

Long, James--1997--MPP Software Specialist (2001), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, BS; '00, MS.

Long, Kristine (Kristy) A.--1977--Professor of Extension (2005), CES. California Polytechnic State University '72, BS; '75, MS; Virginia Tech '91, PhD.

Lott, Christopher (Chris)--1991--Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE/CRCD.

Lovecraft, Amy L.--2001--Assistant Professor of Political Science (2001), CLA; Assistant Professor of Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. Trinity University '94, BA; University of Texas at Austin '97, MA; '01, PhD.

Lowder, Marla K.--2004--Assistant Professor of Extension (2004); Tanana District 4-H Youth Development (2004), CES. Utah State University '92, BS; University of Idaho '99, MS.

Luick, Bret R.--1994--Associate Professor of Extension (2003), CES; Associate Professor of Foods and Nutrition (1995); Research Associate (1993), CANHR/IAB. University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, BS; '79, AAS; University of California, Davis '85, MS; Oregon State University '91, PhD.

Luke, Stephanie (Sue) S.--1987--Business Manager (1995), NWC/CRCD. Lassen College '81, AA.

Lummerzheim, Dirk--1982--Research Professor (2001), GI. University Koln '76, Vordiplom; University Gottingen '81, Diplom Geophysik; University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, PhD.

Lurman, Julie L.--2004--Assistant Professor (2004), Resources Management, AFES/SNRAS. Rutgers University '97, BS; Yale University '99, MES; Georgetown University '03, JD.

Lyons, Wendi A.--1996--Instructor of Library Science (2003), CDE/CRCD. Seattle Pacific University '95, BA; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '03, MS.

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