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Bartlett, Doris (D.A.) A., Assistant Professor of English, Emerita. Middlebury College '55, BA; University of Alaska Anchorage '73, MA; University of Oregon '77, PhD; '81, MA. (1982-2004).

Bartlett, Thomas (Tom) E., Associate Professor of Accounting and Information Systems, Emeritus. Rhodes College '67, BA; Emory University '69, MBA; State of Georgia, 1973, C.P.A. State of Alaska, 1978, C.P.A. (1974-1998).

Bedford, Jimmy B., Professor of Journalism, Emeritus. University of Missouri� '50, AM;� '51, BJ; '52, MA. (1965-1981). Deceased.

Behlke, Charles E., Dean, School of Engineering, Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus. Washington State University '48, BS; '50, MS; Stanford University '57, PhD; P.E. (1950-1954, 1965-1980). Deceased.

Beistline, Earl H., Dean, School of Mineral Industry, Professor of Mining, Emeritus, Professor of Mining, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks '39, BME; '47, EM; '69, LLD (Hon); P.E. (1946-1982).

Belon, Albert E., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks '52, BS; '84, ScD (Hon); University of California, Los Angeles '54, MA. (1956-1983).

Benesch, Walter J., Professor of Philosphy and Humanities, Emeritus. University of Denver '55, BA; University of Montana '56, MA; Leopold Franzens Universitat, Innsbruck '63, PhD. (1963-1997).

Bennett, F. Lawrence (Larry), Professor of Engineering Management, Emeritus. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '61, BCE; Cornell University '63, MS; '66, PhD; P.E. (1968-1997).

Benson, Carl S., Professor of Geophysics and Geology, Emeritus. University of Minnesota '50, BA; '56, MS; California Institute of Technology '60, PhD. (1960-1987).

Bernet, John (Jack) W., Professor of English, Emeritus. State University of Iowa '51, BA; University of North Dakota '57, MA; Stanford University '69, MA; '69, PhD. (1959-1964, 1970-1988).

Biesiot, Peter G., Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus. University of Washington '42, BA; University of Nebraska '51, MS; Cornell University '58, MBA; University of Southern California '66, DBA. (1980-1990).

Biswas, Nirendra N., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. Indian Institute of Technology, India '55, BSc (Hons); '57, MTech; University of California, Los Angeles '71, PhD. (1971-2003).

Black, Lydia T., Professor of Anthropology, Emerita. Northeastern University '69, BS; Brandeis University '71, MA; University of Massachusetts, Amherst '73, PhD. (1984-1997).

Blalock, Susan E., Associate Professor of English, Emerita. Louisiana State University '68, BA; New York University '70, MA; University of Texas '83, PhD. (1989-2004).

Bowyer, R. Terry, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Emeritus. Humboldt State University '70, BS; '76, MS; University of Michigan '85, PhD. (1986-2004).

Brody, A. William (Bill), Professor of Art, Emeritus. Harvey Mudd College '65, BS; Claremont Graduate School '67, MFA. (1967-2000).

Brundage, Arthur L., Professor of Animal Science, Emeritus. Cornell University '50, BS; University of Minnesota '52, MS; '55, PhD. (1968-1985).

Bryant, John P., Professor of Plant Ecology, Emeritus. Colorado State University '66, BA; University of Calgary, Canada '68, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, PhD. (1977-1999).

Burdick, John L., Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '47, BCE; Massachusetts Institute of Technology '48, SM; P.E. (1960-1983).

Burrell, David C., Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. Nottingham University '61, BSc; '64, PhD; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MA. (1965-1987).

Button, Don K., Professor Emeritus. Wisconsin State College '55, BS; University of Wisconsin '61, MS; '64, PhD. (1964-2005).

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