Degrees and Program Index

Diesel Technology

DSLT 121 1 Credit
Drive Axles

Drive axles for medium to heavy duty commercial and off-road equipment including single speed, two speed and tandem axle systems. Opportunity to troubleshoot and overhaul a differential. (.5+1) Offered Fall

DSLT 122 1 Credit
Heavy Duty Drivelines

Heavy duty drive shafts, universal joints, proper lubrication and driveline systems; applications for commercial truck and heavy equipment. Emphasis on Alaska and Arctic use applications. Students will measure, inspect and overhaul a driveline. (.5+1) Offered Spring

DSLT 123 2 Credits
Heavy Duty Braking Systems

Braking systems for commercial trucks and heavy equipment applications; compressor testing and overhaul, brake lining replacement, government regulations and pneumatic controls; evolving technologies such as anti-lock brakes. Includes the inspection, preventative maintenance and overhaul of a commercial truck or heavy equipment braking system. (1.5+1) Offered As Demand Warrants

DSLT 135 5 Credits
Internal Combustion Engines

Diagnosis and repair of gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. Emphasis on engine defects and precision measurements. Materials fee: $190. (4+3) Offered As Demand Warrants

DSLT 154 2 Credits
Diesel Fuel Injection

Theory and functional operation of all common diesel fuel injection systems including those produced by Bosch, Mack, Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit diesel. Students will make injection system and governor adjustments on at least two different engines. Course fee: $50. (.5+1) Offered Fall

DSLT 160 .5 Credit
Diesel Engine Emission Control Systems

Evolving technology of diesel emission control systems; government regulations; diesel engine combustion process; emission control devices. Students will become familiar with emission testing procedures on diesel engines. (.5+0)

DSLT 201 4 Credits
Manual Transmissions and Differentials

Theory, diagnosis and repair of manual transaxles and transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, clutch assemblies, power take off units, driveshafts and axles. Preventative maintenance and cold weather component problems will also be covered. Course fee: $50. (3+3) Offered As Demand Warrants

DSLT 202 2 Credits
Heavy Duty Automatic Transmissions

Theory, operation and troubleshooting of heavy duty automatic transmissions; hydraulic, electrohydraulic, pneumatic and electronic controls. Prepares the student to overhaul Allison, ZF and similar automatic transmissions. (1+3) Offered Spring

DSLT 253 5 Credits
Diesel Fuel Delivery Systems

Theory, diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of mechanical and electronic diesel fuel injection systems manufactured by Bosch, Mack, Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel. Lecture, discussion and hands-on tasks. Course fee: $50. (4+3) Offered As Demand Warrants

DSLT 254 4 Credits
Advanced Engine Overhaul

Understanding the Diesel engine theory as it applies to the Caterpillar four cycle engine. Materials fee: $135. (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.) (2+4) Offered Fall

DSLT 255 2 Credits
Final Drives, Tracked Vehicles

Maintenance and repair of the final drive systems of tracked vehicles with emphasis on effects of Alaska's unique climate. Lab work includes the overhaul of a tracked vehicle final drive system. Course fee: $50. (1+2) Offered Spring