Degrees and Program Index

Developmental English

DEVE 060 3 Credits
Elementary Exposition

Intensive work in the process of writing and revising to improve one's writing skills. Placement by examination. (3+0) Offered As Demand Warrants

DEVE 068 1--3 Credits
English Skills

Individualized instruction in written language skills. Open entry/open exit, one credit modules in spelling/vocabulary, writing and grammar usage. Enrollment in one or more based on diagnosed need or desire; may be repeated. Does not fulfill degree requirements in written communications or humanities. (1-3+0) Offered Fall, spring

DEVE 070 3 Credits
Preparatory College English

Instruction in writing to improve students' fluency and accuracy and communication skills. Preparation for ENGL 111X. Placement by examination or student decision. Also available via Independent Learning. Also available via Independent Learning. (3+0) Offered As Demand Warrants