Degrees and Program Index


CHNS 101 5 Credits
CHNS 102 5 Credits
Elementary Chinese I & II (h)

First year spoken and written Chinese. Emphasis on the basic elements of the language to acquire skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. About 300 characters will be taught. Cultural aspects will be presented. (Prerequisites: CHNS 101 or equivalent for CHNS 102. Next offered: 2005--06) (5+0) 101 Offered Alternate Fall, 102 Offered Alternate Spring

CHNS 201 4 Credits
CHNS 202 4 Credits
Intermediate Chinese I & II (h)

Continuation of CHNS 102. Continue to gain language skills by learning more characters/vocabulary and broadened sentence patterns. About 200 characters and 700 vocabulary words will be taught. (Prerequisites: CHNS 102 or equivalent. Next offered: 2006--07) (5+0) 201 Offered Alternate Fall, 202 Offered Alternate Spring