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Drafting Technology

College of Rural Alaska
Tanana Valley Campus
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Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 34-36 credits

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The drafting technology program offers three concentrations: architectural drafting, civil drafting, and architectural and civil drafting.

Courses combine the technical know-how and hands-on experience necessary for work in a variety of drafting fields. Students gain on-the-job experience by working side-by-side with professional architects and engineers. In the classroom, students use conventional drawing techniques and computer-aided drafting. They develop skills in mathematics, drawing and lettering, architectural concepts, and design and construction techniques.

Students may request credit by examination for any DRT class.

Certificate Program

Concentrations: Architectural Drafting, Architectural and Civil Drafting, and Civil Drafting

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the certificate requirements.
  3. Complete the following program requirements:

    DRT 101—Beginning Drafting I 4 credits

    DRT 102—Beginning Drafting II 2 credits

    DRT 121—Reading Construction Blueprints 3 credits

    DRT 170—Beginning AutoCad 3 credits

    DRT 270—Advanced AutoCad 3 credits

    MATH 107X—Functions for Calculus 3 credits

    MATH 108—Trigonometry 2 credits
  4. Complete 1 of the following:

    CIOS 160—Business English (3)
    or CIOS 260—Business Communications (3)
    or ENGL 212—Business, Grant, and Report Writing (3) 3 credits
  5. Complete 3 credits from the following:

    DRT 115—Graphics I 3 credits

    DRT 123—Uniform Building Code 3 credits

    DRT 125—Lettering I 2 credits

    DRT 130—Perspective Drafting I 4 credits

    DRT 132—Perspective Drafting II 4 credits

    DRT 160—Drafting Co-Op Work Experience 2-3 credits

    DRT 250—Civil Drafting III—Advanced 4 credits

    ART 104—Introduction to Drawing 1-3 credits

    ART 105—Beginning Drawing 3 credits

    ART 161—Two-Dimensional Design 3 credits

    ART 162—Color and Design 3 credits

    ART 163—Three-Dimensional Design 3 credits

    ART 205—Intermediate Drawing 3 credits

    ES 101—Introduction to Engineering 2 credits

    ES 201—Computer Techniques 3 credits
  6. Complete 1 of the following concentrations:

    Architectural Drafting
    a. Complete the following:

    DRT 140—Architectural Drafting 4 credits

    DRT 151—Civil Concepts 2 credits

    b. Minimum credits required 34

    Architectural and Civil Drafting
    a. Complete the following:

    DRT 140—Architectural Drafting 4 credits

    DRT 150—Civil Drafting 4 credits

    b. Minimum credits required 36 credits

    Civil Drafting
    a. Complete the following:

    DRT 141—Architectural Concepts 2 credits

    DRT 150—Civil Drafting 4 credits

    b. Minimum credits required 34

Note: DRT 140, 141, 150 and 151 are available through the Center for Distance Education and Independent Learning. For information phone (907) 474-5353.

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