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Paralegal Studies

Students enrolled in one or more paralegal courses will be assessed $50 each semester to cover the cost of a personal Lexis/Nexis password. This is in addition to any material fees.

PLS 101 3 Credits
Introduction to Paralegal Studies
A general survey of the skills required to work as a paralegal in today’s job market. Focus on paralegal regulation, licensing and ethical considerations; use of law library to locate and research legal issues; use of interviewing, investigating and discovery techniques to develop facts of a case. Legal vocabulary of approximately 200 words is learned and discussed. Research project on topic selected by student replaces final exam. (3 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

PLS 203 3 Credits
Study of the basic essentials needed to effectively assist an attorney in the filing or defense of claims based on personal injury and property damage. A basic vocabulary of legal terminology associated with tort law is studied together with important statutes and case law. Emphasis on Alaska law. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 210 3 Credits
Civil Procedure
Basic vocabulary and concepts essential to effectively assist an attorney with the procedural aspects of civil litigations. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall

PLS 213 3 Credits
Criminal Law for Paralegals
Study of both the substantive criminal law and the rudiments of criminal procedure, focusing on both Alaska law and procedure and important constitutional considerations associated with due process, search and seizure and Fifth Amendment rights. Learn and work with a basic vocabulary unique to criminal law and procedure. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor. Does not substitute for JUST 352.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 215 3 Credits
Contracts/Real Property
Basic vocabulary and concepts essential to effectively assist an attorney with the preparation of contracts and real property transactions. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall

PLS 240 3 Credits
Family Law
Basic vocabulary and concepts essential to understanding family law and assisting a practicing attorney. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 242 3 Credits
Employment and Administrative Law
Legal principles which define the relationship between employers and employees. Includes obligations imposed by Federal and Alaska state statutes, and administrative regulations. Includes how administrative agencies are created and how they provide administrative law through promulgation of rules and regulations and through quasi-judicial decisions. (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 250 3 Credits
Probate Law
Basics of probate law and the Uniform Probate code. Includes the preparation and interpretation of wills, administration of decedent’s estates, intestate succession laws, guardianships and other related probate matters. Focus on Alaska statutes and probate rules. (3 + 0) Offered Fall

PLS 260 3 Credits
Computers in the Law Office
Introduction to the role of computers in the law office. Includes both hardware and software. Includes the use of word processors, spreadsheets, databases, computer-assisted legal research, the Internet and electronic mail, and litigation support, case management and bookkeeping/billing software. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 275 3 Credits
Business Organizations
Benefits and shortcomings of the three basic business forms: corporation, partnership and sole proprietorship. Presents how to form each business form, how to operate it according to relevant laws and regulations, and how to dissolve the business. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall

PLS 280 3 Credits
Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals
Legal research skills using the law library methods, LexisNexis and the Internet. Read and understand authorities from three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Emphasis on precedent from Alaska and federal court systems. Includes writing skills from drafting of law office correspondence to preparation of court pleadings and briefs. (Prerequisite: PLS 101 or permission of instructor.) (3 + 0) Offered Spring

PLS 299 3 Credits
Paralegal Studies Internship
An internship involving a minimum of 150 hours of work under the supervision of an attorney, and, when available, a practicing paralegal for that attorney in a local law office or law related situation. Must seek approval of faculty advisor for admittance. (Prerequisites: Must have completed at least 75% of paralegal studies degree requirements with a minimum 2.8 cumulative grade point average or approval of UAF faculty advisor. Note: Students meet as a class only once. All subsequent classes or meetings with UAF faculty advisor are arranged by individual student(s) and advisor.) (3 + 0) Offered Fall, Spring

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