2001-2002 UAF Catalog

Degrees and Programs

Film Studies

College of Liberal Arts

Department of Theatre

(907) 474-6590

Minor only

Film studies is an interdisciplinary program which combines courses in theatre, English and journalism. The program gives students a broad understanding of the role of film and video in modern society. Independent study courses are available and individual programs can be tailored to meet the student's needs and career objectives.

Undergraduate Program


1. Complete the following:
ENGL 217 -- Introduction to the Study of Film (3 credits)
JRN 105 -- History of the Cinema (3 credits)
THR 215 -- Dramatic Literature (3 credits)
THR 331 -- Fundamentals of Film and Stage Directing (3 credits)
THR 334W -- Film and Drama (3 credits)
THR 470 -- Film and Video Directing (3 credits)
2. Minimum credits required (18 credits)
See Theatre.

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