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International Arctic Research Center

The International Arctic Research Center (IARC) serves as a focal point for international collaboration in global change research in the Arctic. IARC provides an opportunity to collaborate on global change research in the Arctic on an international scale. The primary mission of the IARC is to nurture multidisciplinary research by integrating and synthesizing the research efforts presently underway by individuals and groups.

Eight broad themes form the framework of IARC multidisciplinary projects. These themes are (1) detection of contemporary change, (2) paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions of past changes, (3) interactions and feedbacks that affect change, (4) atmospheric chemistry of the arctic region, (5) impacts and consequences of change, (6) solar influences on global change and space weather prediction, (7) climate change caused by tectonic activities, and (8) integration of themes 1-7 on a regional scale.

Research projects at IARC are implemented by teams consisting of a team leader, representatives (from the US, Japan, the international community, and a UAF coordinator) and participating members (consisting of international individuals and groups).

IARC is located in the Elvey II building adjacent to the Geophysical Institute on the UAF campus.

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