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Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Kari, James M., Professor of Linguistics, Emeritus. University of California, Los Angeles '66, B.A.; Reed College '69, M.A.T.; University of New Mexico '73, Ph.D. (1973 -- 1997)
Keim, Charles J., Professor of Journalism and English, Emeritus. University of Washington '48, B.A.; '50, M.A. (1954 -- 1977) Deceased
Keller, William K., Professor of Education, Emeritus. State College of Washington '21, A.B. and M.A.; '41, Ed.D.; University of Alaska '61, LL.D. (1952 -- 1961) Deceased
Kessel, Brina, Dean of the College of Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources, Emeritus; Professor of Zoology, Emeritus and Curator of Ornithology Collection, University of Alaska Museum, Emeritus. Cornell University '47, B.S.; University of Wisconsin '49, M.S.; Cornell University '51, Ph.D. (1951-1999)
Klebesadel, Leslie J., Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus. University of Wisconsin '55, B.S.; '56, M.S.; '58, Ph.D. (1957 -- 1988)
Klein, David R., Professor of Wildlife Management, Emeritus. University of Connecticut '51, B.S.; University of Alaska '53, M.S.; University of British Columbia '63, Ph.D. (1962 -- 1997)
Koo, John H., Professor of Linguistics, Japanese and Korean, Emeritus. Tongkook University (Korea) '56, B.A.; '58, M.A.; University of Texas '65, M.A.; Indiana University '70, Ph.D. (1969 -- 1994)
Krejci, Rudolph W., Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Emeritus. Leopold Franzens Universitat, Innsbruck '59, Dr. Phil. (1960 -- 1997)
Krieg, Kenneth, Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Missouri '64, B.S.; '65, M.S. (1981 -- 1997)

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